1. husaintaherali

    BSNL EVDO no signal but green light on

    Hi, guys. I am living near salunke vihar road, wanawadi pune. I am facing issue with signal of evdo for past week. When my zte ac8700 datacard is in evdo mode or 1x mode it only shows X instead of even one signal point out of five. But when in evdo mode it shows green led light on card, and i...
  2. suryakamalog

    EVDO not connecting

    Yesterday, after 1 month I recharged 1 day pack on my EVDO through easymobilerecharge. It got recharged but I am not able to connect to internet. It is showing "An authentication event has occurred".Also I am not receiving any messages regarding the recharge on my dongle. I also tried out...
  3. Jasmee

    How to activate BSNL EVDO plans via SMS or USSD

    I recently got BSNL sim with Voice and Data ( evdo ) both activated , Mine old sim Only supported data but no calling or messaging . So now I want to know the procedure to activate Data pack via SMS ( means I want to activate data pack from mine main balance ) . Please don't tell me about Genext...
  4. Jasmee

    General question about 3g and Cdma rev A network

    I am presently using reliance 3g and it gives me a speed of 4 - 12 ( even more ) Mbps . So , I am pretty happy with it . But Now I have an extra datacard , so If I get another 3g reliance sim and I bridge these connection , will I get double the speed i.e. is 8 - 24 mbps or speed will be halved...
  5. N

    BSNL EVDO Connection Problem Plz help

    Hi, I am new to BBForum. I had relocated to Chennai recently. I had bought the EVDO SIM last week to use with my ZTE AC8700 which I had already owned in Bangalore. Whenever I try to Connect to Internet using EVDO mode. I get an error "The connection was terminated by Remote Server before it...
  6. anuragsinhame

    Which WiFi Router will work with BSNL EVDO Teracom T-U500 Modem??

    Hi guys, last month I purchased BSNL EVDO Connection. It's working fine for me. In my house in Meerut, I get about 50-60KBps always everywhere and in Some locations it is in between 100-300KBps(800Kbps-2.4Mbps). Sometimes more than 300KBps too. I want to know if someone is there who knows or...
  7. A

    Requesting information for BSNL Prepaid CDMA/EVDO

    Got a new ruim for smartphone. Need the APN settings for EVDO access/Kolkata circle. How to activate EVDO data access? How to recharge data online.