1. A

    Changing DNS using Android VPN Apps.

    Hi, I am trying to change the DNS server on Android through Netguard. The problem i am facing, is that Netguard is only able to change the DNS while i am on mobile data, and not when connected to wifi on Excitel broadband. I have tested many vpn apps that intend to change the DNS by way of...
  2. V

    Sites access - timing out Issue

    Hi Guys, I recently took a new FTTH connection all of a sudden during the past 2 weeks certain sites have become inaccessible. I have played with DNS settings & MTU szie property on my TP-Link router. I have also approached the BSNL exchange (no use though). Scenario: I could access most of...
  3. Sushubh

    DNS Problems on Excitel Broadband

    From what I have seen, Excitel does not let you use custom DNS servers like Google Public DNS or OpenDNS. Unless you are using VPN, you are using Excitel's own DNS servers. This is generally fine but I am having issues with bunch of domains that are inaccessible randomly. Right now I cannot...
  4. ngrhd

    Unable to acces JioFi 2 dashboard when using any other DNS

    I use Google DNS on WLAN as my primary DNS provider for the obvious reasons, however I noticed this abnormal behavior on my JioFi 2 device. In order to access the admin area I need to change the DNS to automatic and do cmd ipconfig /flushdns in order to access the dashboard present at...
  5. MitParmar

    Default Gateway Issues

    I had nice almost stable connection for a year. Except on weekends (BSNL said it's normal on weekends for some technical reasons). At that time whenever connection dropped I used to get different 'Default Gateway'. For example, from 59.x.x.x to 117.x.x.x; vice-versa. Now whenever this happens...
  6. Vibhav Sinha

    Airtel 3g in Hyderabed DNS resolution issue with cloudfront URLs

    I am having issues with cloudfront URLs in Hyderabad with nslookup queries timing out. I am myself not in Hyderabad and my viewers are in Hyderabad who have reported this issue. Sample URL to check if you are in Hyderabad and using Airtel 3G...
  7. Sushubh

    Pirate Party DNS Servers and Pirate Party navnetjenere - Pirate Party