den broadband

  1. Anil kumar

    Worst experience with speed and reliability

    I warn everyone if going to opt for den broadband. You are going to regret. They don't provide consistent speed. It took 2 hours for downloading 1 GB file and guess what they didn't respond on email for checking what was the root cause. It was even in morning 7 am when there was very less users...
  2. N

    BSNL FTTH Xbox and DEN Broadband CGNAT

    Hi Guys, SO glad I found this website because I am pretty sure the locals here don't know what I'm talking about. So basically I have 2 internet connections. BSNL and DEN. I definitely find den much better to use and it also provides me with 100MBPS up and down as compared to BSNL which gives...
  3. A

    Any ISP in Delhi/NCR providing static ip and great plans?

    I live in Ghaziabad. There are many ISP like DEN, Excitel, Nextra but none of them provide static ip I think which I need for gaming purposes. Static IP from den is very costly, 2300/- per year and that I have to pay at once (If only that could've been accommodated in my bill). Currently I have...
  4. I

    Den broadband DElhi & NCR A CHEAT

    I recently heard about Den Boomband and switched to the same. When I called the booker ,he told me about the 599rs+ tax+ installation charges plan with 5mbps speed upto 20 gb then 512kbps unlimited and booked it and received the booking receipt mentioning the same. But things turned when the...
  5. A

    Worst customer service/ technical support DEN BoomBand

    I would recommend all new user to not to subscribe for Den Boomband because they have worst customer service. I subscribed their service on March 13th, 2016. They installed the setup on next day. I wanted to setup a SIP account by using x lite, zoiper or 3cx softwares. But I'm unable to register...
  6. Rajiv Gupta

    Den Boomband with router

    I have a den Boomband connection installed at home with the modem installed by den team... I would like to extend the connection to another router on different floor using Lan cable. Which router to use? Can I use modem with router from dlink for the same? Thanks for the help
  7. B

    Please suggest a new ISP in Pitampura, Delhi area.

    Hello members, I am currently using Airtel's broadband connection. Although their service is great but their FUP policy and price for the connection are a nuisance. I usually download around 100GBs in a month and I am planning to switch to a new ISP. Can you guys please suggest me a new ISP...