optilink op-xont-71000

  1. L

    Excitel Fiber Basic ONT Firmware Support for 300mbps speeds

    please do check your firmware version and also if its showing epon or gpon, i am quite confused now with all the things excitel has put up
  2. vjkapoor1609

    Archer c6 v2 negotiation speed

    Hi All, I am using 300 mbps excitel fiber plan using the optilink (₹750) ONU along with tp link archer ac1200 c6 nu mimo gigabit router. Negotiation speed on Internet is coming up at 100mbps full duplex where as in advance settings it has been set at 1000mbps full duplex. Using the cat6 cable to...
  3. Sushubh

    Excitel Broadband User Experience in Gurgaon (Now on Excitel Fiber)

    And they are laying wires right in front of my house. I am crying with joy. :extremelyhappy:x'D