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  1. thehawk

    BSNL has updated old plans in areas where new plans are not available !

    Some good news for the users whose SSA was not in the list for new plans. For them, BSNL is upgrading old plans and some users have already reported that Rs777 plan has been upgraded to 100 MBPS speed but with same FUP. Please update here if your old plan is also upgraded. P.s. They should focus...
  2. Navjot Singh

    Private firms can convert your permanent jobs into fixed term contracts Full Article: Source
  3. P

    Airtel is forcing Amazon Prime on base plans in some cities by increasing plan pricing

    I am just checking airtel app and found this. That they are offering amazon prime in 589. (499 plan) is it true. Please check the attached photo
  4. N

    What happens to new BSNL Bharat Fiber broadband plans after December 29?

    The plan is showing till 29 dec in the corner..what does that mean the offer is time limited or something ?
  5. dhyaneshwar94

    POLL: Did you get the NEW BHARAT FIBER PLANS? (30/100/200/300Mbps) - Comment the SSA below

    Did you see the new plans in BSNL Selfcare portal? If so, choose your circle above and comment your SSA below. If your circle is voted but you dont have the plans, mention your SSA below
  6. Realme

    Which BSNL plan have you opted for?

    This poll is intended for post 12 AM from Now i.e. beginning from 1 October 2020. Please contribute 3 speedtest too (1 Local Server Bharti Chennai/Mumbai or Measurement Lab Preferred + 2 International :OVH/GTT/NForce/i3D/Telia preferred) Please only poll in when you have speedtests ready
  7. shashankb

    Which ONT are you using

    I just want to know what ONT`s all the BSNL users have for their FTTH . Kindly just put the company name and Model number if your poll choice doesnt exist Thank you everyone for your responses
  8. sloj

    Firmwares for BSNL Bharat Fiber ONT/ONU/OLT

    FTTH Facilitation Center
  9. I

    Carrier aggregation, VoLTE, VoWifi not working on Vi(Idea sim card)

    Hii, I have a Idea sim card I have been using for quite some time now. On this sim card, Carrier aggregation, VoLTE or VoWifi just doesn't works at all. Back when Idea was an independent company, there was a message you were supposed to send to activate VoLTE I had tried that but that also...
  10. T

    New updated ACT Fibernet Broadband Plans? (September 2020)

    Check website for the updated plans!!