1. Navjot Singh

    India might not vaccinate people who recovered from Covid-19 Time to forget about the concept of vaccination. Vaccination is a construct. An illusion. And Indians need to rise above these false concepts.
  2. Navjot Singh

    India's COVID-19 Vaccination Drive
  3. Sushubh

    ZEISS AntiFOG Kit
  4. Sushubh

    Totally Under Control Good watch.
  5. Navjot Singh

    PVR Releases Movie Viewing Guidelines post Corona

    Will you go this year if it opens?
  6. Sushubh

    Aarogya Setu

    Aarogya Setu: Major Surveillance, Few Safeguards In Modi Govt COVID Tracking App | HuffPost none
  7. Sushubh