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    What is the Security Deposit for New Bsnl FTTH Connection?

    What is the Security Deposit for New FTTH Connection? I'm from Chennai, my lineman ask me to pay Rs.3000 for the new connection. Do i have to pay this much for a new Bsnl FTTH Connection?
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    Pedavi Datani Matokatundhi

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    Vijay Deverakonda speaks about ‘NOTA’, ‘Arjun Reddy’ and his new production house King of The Hill Source
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    Jallianwala Bagh

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    Airtel now offers 75 MBPS for Rs. 999 as well as 20% discount on Annual rental plans in Chennai

    Airtel now offers speeds upto 75MBPS (Earlier 40 MBPS) for Rs. 999. Also 20% discount on advance annual rental plans.
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    Thaanaa Serndha Koottam

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    Vodafone 4G LTE In Chennai - Speed

    I'm getting pretty slow speeds. 6.09 down, and 4.90 up. Anyone getting faster speeds?
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    Airtel vfiber Chennai latency

    Hello guys I'm comparing between ACT fibernet and Airtel's fiber. I'm mostly concerned about low latencies over speed. Can people from Chennai who have airtel vfiber visit the following link and report the latency shown in their test: Thanks
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    BBNL has bad network routing

    Hi guys I'm a novice and my ISP is BBNL Bangalore, the problem I'm facing is that my ISP has a new route to Singapore. Usually traffic used to flow from my computer to CXR-Chennai then to SVW-Singapore but now it goes from my computer to CXR-Chennai to MLV-Mumbai to SVW-Singapore. This has...