1. Ctricks

    No 2mbps speed on 1st Feb

    As we all are aware of the joke by BSNL about their redefined minimum broadband upgrade to 2 mbps upto 1 GB, this month I didn't even get that which is completely rubbish and I feel like to sue them for their cheap theatrics in September about "REDIFINING BROADBAND SPEED IN INDIA". Nowadays even...
  2. Ctricks

    Cheating BSNL!!

    Hi guys, I have been using BB Combo plan of ULD 675 which gives you and unlimited 512kbps plan but now a days when i download anything I dont get speed of 64kbps which i should be getting as per my 512kbps plan, instead I get download speed of around 50-55kbps. Please help what to do!!