1. SVK

    Tata Docomo's Photon and Walky CDMA Service closing on 19-Mar-2018

    Got SMS regaridng this that Tata Photon CDMA based service is closing on 19 March 2018. We can switch to GSM or Port out number. Regarding Photon we have to use our balance data before 19-Mar. I guess its expected since Airtel has acquired Tata, they would close CDMA service to probably use...
  2. Sushubh

    Reliance Communications has shut down their CDMA network with little warning

    Just because no thread was created here. Reliance Communications to Upgrade All CDMA Customers to 4G by May | NDTV
  3. Jasmee

    How to activate BSNL EVDO plans via SMS or USSD

    I recently got BSNL sim with Voice and Data ( evdo ) both activated , Mine old sim Only supported data but no calling or messaging . So now I want to know the procedure to activate Data pack via SMS ( means I want to activate data pack from mine main balance ) . Please don't tell me about Genext...
  4. Jasmee

    General question about 3g and Cdma rev A network

    I am presently using reliance 3g and it gives me a speed of 4 - 12 ( even more ) Mbps . So , I am pretty happy with it . But Now I have an extra datacard , so If I get another 3g reliance sim and I bridge these connection , will I get double the speed i.e. is 8 - 24 mbps or speed will be halved...
  5. A

    Requesting information for BSNL Prepaid CDMA/EVDO

    Got a new ruim for smartphone. Need the APN settings for EVDO access/Kolkata circle. How to activate EVDO data access? How to recharge data online.
  6. ganesha7

    [SOLVED] Micromax mmx 310c cdma data card. No device found & No drivers found error.

    Hi guys, I have bought Micromax mmx 310c cdma data card for bsnl evdo. When i insert the device, i`m getting a error msg that device driver not found. pls help. I have tried it with 2 systems (both windows 7).