1. A

    My BSNL Fiber LCO is not accepting Syrotech 1110 WDONT Modem, ask me to purchase Alphion Modem.

    I applied for a new Bsnl fiber connection in Chennai. 20 days after applying they came for wiring today, I already purchased Syrotech 1110 WDONT, now the LCO says that it won't support Bsnl fiber, and asking me to purchase Alphion Modem or else he asks me to cancel the Bsnl Fiber.connection. He...
  2. N

    BSNL FTTH Xbox and DEN Broadband CGNAT

    Hi Guys, SO glad I found this website because I am pretty sure the locals here don't know what I'm talking about. So basically I have 2 internet connections. BSNL and DEN. I definitely find den much better to use and it also provides me with 100MBPS up and down as compared to BSNL which gives...
  3. A

    Lethargic attitude of BSNL employees

    It has been more than a year since I have applied for BSNL FTTH. However, other than some occasional phone calls, there hasn't been much progress. A few weeks ago, LCO drew an OFC to my home. But after that, they have been procrastinating the process. Both LCO and BSNL are blaming each other for...
  4. BSNL_Loyalist

    Is BSNL ever going to provide 1 gigabit broadband?

    1 gig broadband is getting rather common in the West, and recently we saw Jio slyly rebrand from Gigafibre to Fibre. Are we going to see gigabit speeds from BSNL anytime soon? Anyone heard rumblings from their local BSNL SDO/LCO?
  5. BSNL_Loyalist

    BSNL Nokia-Siemens H640V-G25E won't connect to the internet after trying to log in with an unregistered device.

    I just got a new Netlink modem so I removed the optical patch cord from the BSNL modem and connected it to this, entered my uname and pwd and tried to connect. I knew it wouldn't, but did it anyway to see if it dials properly or not. Obviously it failed (since the device hasn't been registered...
  6. A

    BSNL FTTH Chennai Review?

    Hello, Bsnl FTTH Chennai users, please post your short review here like Download and Upload Speed, FTTH plan, Installation cost, and issues facing. It'll help users who are going get new Bsnl FTTH Connection. Thank You.
  7. Shreyas k


    Please help me solve this problem ..... I have bsnl ftth with AONT-100C modem and a tp link router Even with wired connection I get very high ping on SOUTH EAST ASIA servers on fortnite and other games I have restarted my modem several times but no reduction in ping............ once after...
  8. paper2d

    Help me setup my BSNL Modem in bridge mode.

    So BSNL gave me H640V-G25E ONT Modem with FTTH. Its IP range is 192.168.1.xx. Also, I got an iBall router whose IP range is 192.168.1.xx. As you can see, they are double natted. I would really, really like to have my wifi router as the main device for ddns and port forwarding stuff. I found...
  9. A

    BBG 699 in Fiber net?

    I'm in BBG Combo ULD 699 CS243 (20 Mbps 700 GB - only available in Chennai), i would like to go for Fibernet.. Is this same plan available in Fiber connection.. How can i request for that?
  10. H

    My BSNL ONT doesn't save username and password

    I am having problem with my H640V-G25E ONT Modem which BSNL has provided me, I have configured the modem with PPOE (Always On) connection, But if the modem restarts/shutdown (Due to power fluctuation/cut) then I have to connect my modem once again by entering the BSNL user name & password. Now...