bsnl problem

  1. H

    My BSNL ONT doesn't save username and password

    I am having problem with my H640V-G25E ONT Modem which BSNL has provided me, I have configured the modem with PPOE (Always On) connection, But if the modem restarts/shutdown (Due to power fluctuation/cut) then I have to connect my modem once again by entering the BSNL user name & password. Now...
  2. H

    BSNL-FTTH Where To Complaint? Fed Up With The Service.

    I am Fed up with BSNL-FTTH service in my area. I have taken their 777/- plan with 50Mbps. But most of the time speed fluctuates a lot. and if the link goes down then forget about the service. This old creatures sitting at BSNL office don't even bother to listen to the problems. Called at...
  3. Dhairya Joshi

    Strange Problem with my BSNL Landline & Broadband connection

    This is the 10th day of my problem , The problem is that My BSNL Landline phone gets off after 8:00 PM .... No Dial Tone nothing happens after this ...Ofcourse NO Broadband Connectivity :mad:......And at morning 10:00 AM everything gets fine dramatically ... At first Linemen don't want to...