bsnl broadband

  1. Nishant

    BSNL Broadband has a brand new Selfcare Portal

    Looks like they've updated their portal and it is a centralized one and not region specific. I wanted to check a complaint status and when I typed, it redirected to BSNL CUSTOMER CARE. It will ask you to put the same user ID and password as your old one and...
  2. icar

    BSNL is now informing users of malware on their computing devices?

    Guys anyone received such email from BSNL This message is sent to you from BSNL as advised by "Cyber Swachhata Kendra ", CERT-ln,Government of lndia
  3. MonnyhungryBsnl

    Manual Bsnl IP assigning

    hello; I have been an active user of bsnl broadband for past 5 years; every time i restart my modem the main bsnl assigns me a new random IP , hence i run on dynamic IP address; and each IP assigned takes different route to connect to a server or a address for example when i'm assigned an Ip...
  4. B

    CRC Rx Interleaved

    Members What is the significance of CRC Rx Interleaved in broadband . what impact the parameter has on the performance. the status of my broadband link is : DS Margin (dB) 14.5 US Margin (dB) 22.0 DS Line Attenuation (dB) 37.5 US Line Attenuation (dB) 20.0 CRC Rx Fast 0 CRC Tx Fast...
  5. Sushubh

    BSNL Experience Unlimited BB 249: 1mbps unlimited (2mbps for 1st GB) for six months for Rs. 249

    BSNL unveils unlimited wireline broadband plan at Rs 249 - The Economic Times
  6. Sushubh

    BSNL offering wireless router for Rs. 1500 with 5 year warranty and full cashback

  7. V

    Need help new connection

    I live in Patna. My options for broadbands were railwire and bsnl and I opted bsnl. I applied for a new connection on 29.7.16(new landline+bb) Yesterday(11.8.16) a lineman came and told me that I have to wait 2-3 months more for the connection. Now I wish they just return my money I paid for the...
  8. Zulfiqar Ali

    Im getting scammed from BSNL.....

    It has been about 1 month and a half since i had changed my bsnl broadband plan to ''1745 VDSL Super Speed Combo'' for ₹1745 per month. The plan promised the speed of 8mbps (i know its megabits) but it barely reaches 1 mbps. Ive been complaining about this to the BSNL customer service and...
  9. H

    How to put a BSNL Broadband connection on standby/safe-custody?

    I currently have bsnl BB. Recently learned about a new local ISP at my location, I want to try that service and have decided to get the connection this week. Now is there any service/facility that bsnl has so that they will just turn off the landline and broadband from their end for 1 month at...
  10. Sushubh

    Abeer Media operated Arun Jaitley's website

    Arun Jaitley files complaint after website hacked - Times of India Just a tidbit I found online.
  11. Swapnil Singh

    is BSNL is cheating in my bill?

    Dear all, if anyone knows about bsnl bb plans tarrifs they are just cheating us. I have got a broadband connection in the past month I have taken 545 BB UL home plan without any telephone service. I have paid 500+545=1045 at the time of installation that was Rs 500= security deposit and Rs 545...
  12. J

    Changing BSNL FTTH Broadband password

    Hi, I assume "FTTH Broadband" means, a broadband (DSL) connection, that one (as a BSNKL Fixed Line customer), can subscribe too. If I am in error, please let me know (so that I can re-post this this thread, elsewhere). This thread concerns the password associated with my broadband connection...
  13. harishk5

    BSNL broadband FUP increase in Tamilnadu

    Hi fellas, I have been using bsnl for years now in Coimbatore and noticed the news on Feb 16 that FUP will be increased from March 2016 in Tamilnadu as mentioned in the telecom talk info site. http://-- link removed But till now...
  14. Sushubh

    Please submit high quality screenshots of MTNL/BSNL ad-injection on major sites

    If I can get enough raw material, I can start a campaign page for tweet/facebook buttons to ping CEOs of these sites to showcase how their MTNL and BSNL are selling ad-space on their website without their permission.
  15. Sushubh

    Both BSNL and MTNL lie when they say that no data is collected during ad injection

    The technology provider clearly mentions that this is not the case.
  16. Eklavyus

    Phone line is good but Internet is very slow, only few sites open properly.

    BSNL Broadband, 2Mbps upto 6GB, 512kbps afterwards plan. After using my 2Mbps quota since last few days broadband is acting weird, few sites like Google , Gmail, Youtube , NDTV, Cricinfo are working fine, others taking decades to load properly, can't download anything from Google Chrome, zero...
  17. Ctricks

    Cheating BSNL!!

    Hi guys, I have been using BB Combo plan of ULD 675 which gives you and unlimited 512kbps plan but now a days when i download anything I dont get speed of 64kbps which i should be getting as per my 512kbps plan, instead I get download speed of around 50-55kbps. Please help what to do!!
  18. vickyjpr

    BSNL bill of Rs.3744 :( for PLAN change [BBG COMBO ULD 2799 Monthly]

    Hello Friends, I am using BBG COMBO ULD 2799 monthly rental broadband connection with central govt. employee rental scheme. Every month I got ~3100Rs. bills of my broadband internet connection since last few years. But this month (January2016) I received 3744/- :cry: bill. Can any body explain...
  19. vedantlath

    BSNL Broadband DNS Servers are tampering with NXDOMAIN Records

    The following DNS servers provided by BSNL are now hijacking NXDOMAIN records: $ dig google.comw @ ; <<>> DiG 9.9.5-9+deb8u4-Debian <<>> google.comw @ ;; global options: +cmd ;; Got answer: ;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status...
  20. Sushubh

    Evidence that BSNL Broadband has been overcharging consumers in regions with little competition

  21. J

    Bsnl-1091-8Mbps-60Gb Plan chennai

    I had opted for the above plan which assures a download speed of 8Mbps upto 60 GB and 512 Kbps beyond. However it is disheartening and regret to bring it to your notice that the download speed I am getting is only about 20 – 30 Kbps. Nobody shows interest from BSNL to rectify the issue...
  22. NikhilS

    BSNL launches new 4Mbps and 8Mbps Broadband Plans (Pan India).

    BSNL launches new 4Mbps and 8Mbps Broadband Plans (Pan India) starting from Rs.2091
  23. R

    A sad user of BSNL

    From past 15 days or so my BSNL broadband connection has been lost and I don't find any way by which the connection will be fine by this month even! Some backup should have been kept in place by BSNL or atleast they should respond to the users by speeding up the repair process..its my kind...
  24. jose

    BSNL : Terrible routing to Singapore servers

    recently BSNL is routing Singapore server connections through 1. France 2. Netherlands 3. japan and finally to singapore. seriously? below are my tracert results to singapore league of legends server. this routing adds a awful lot of ping and makes the gaming experience terrible...
  25. coolguy

    BSNL Broadband has blocked torrent search engines

    I am getting this error while visiting some torrent sites - “Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact administrator for more information.”
  26. soroccoheaven

    Fup top-up good option but bad approach

    Guys i am not quite sure about this fup top-up's started by BSNL this month because now any one who is connected to my network can easily top-up any time.. whiteout my knowledge.dont you think they should ask for some kind of authentication for this.
  27. I

    BSNL Broadband's new revolutionary (lol) broadband plans with minimum 2mbps speeds (lol)

    12 crore customers of BSNL all over India has something to cheer for, finally. In a move which can redefine the very definition of broadband, BSNL will now guarantee minimum of 2Mbps speed for every plan which mentions broadband Internet. However, 2Mbps speed can only be accessed pre-FUP (Fair...
  28. M

    FTTH ONT for BSNL FTTH broadband

    HI, Please let me know the FTTH ONT which is available outside for the BSNL FTTH broadband connection. because BSNL charging too much on it's ONTs.
  29. M

    Cannot change my bb speed to 8mbps in BBG Combo ULD 1441

    I am from Orissa .my previous plan was bb home combo 1099 cs39 with 4mbps download speed. Yesterday I changed my plan to the new BBG Combo ULD 1441.After submitting the form The BSNL JTO checked that plan in the computer & changed it. After receiving the conformation I was very happy and...
  30. O

    Modem and Router combination

    I was using TP Link WR740N router till recently for BBNL Broadband connection. The services turned out be hopeless. Now planning to try BSNL service, can somebody suggest > if I can buy a modem to match with router > should I buy a new modem+router combination > Built in 2in1 modem-router Pls...
  31. gotchanisa

    Wifi works on laptop but not on mobile

    I have a BSNL DSL connection. Of late, I've noticed that I cannot connect to wifi on my mobile. It detects the connection but just stays there at connecting. And then it says saved. No such issues on my laptop. Or when connected using the LAN cable. I tried resetting the modem to factory...
  32. C

    I am not getting proper speeds on BSNL Broadband

    hello all, i am using 8 mbps plan upto 180 gb which costs me almost 3000 per month. but i am getting maximum speed of 1Mbps. here is my modem status ADSL Firmware Version: FwVer: HwVer:T14.F7_11.2 Line State : Showtime Modulation: ADSL2 PLUS...
  33. gregalex87

    Changing plan from 4mbps to 8mbps tomorrow

    I am going to change my plan 4mbps upto 100GB plan to 8mbps upto 175GB (BBG Speed Combo ULD 2841) I got this following doubts guys plz help. 1) I saw this plan is in promotional basis so if i put this plan it wont change after that 90 days time ? 2) I also saw with this plan there is static IP...
  34. Kartiksaini

    need help I'm facing speed issues since 11August ...999rs plan and speed only 800kbps

    That time 999 plan is running in my bsnl broadband I'm only get 800kbps speed but as the plan show speed 4mbps upto 8gb but I'm not getting even 1mbps when I complain then they said my 8gb limit is cross okay but now 3 days ago I upgrade it and buy 10gb in 300 because customers care employees...
  35. I

    BSNL lost 2 Crore customers in 2015

    BSNL could not match up in tough competition with private players. BSNL lost 1.78 crore wireless subsribers and 20 lakh wireline subscribers in FY2015. When Reliance Jio comes next year, BSNL may go bankrupt. Its obvious that anybody who takes BSNL only does so when he has no other...
  36. Zuke

    Broadband Connection from 400 m far pole?

    Hello, I wanted to get BSNL Broadband connection (the only option!) but the nearest landline pole is nearly 400m far from my home. I've to ask them regarding this but at this time, can someone from you tell me if there is any hope to get connection here? And if they say that they can't than is...
  37. Z

    New Promotional BSNL Broadband Plan BBG SPEED COMBO ULD 1091 CS70 Plan - 8 Mbps till 60 Gb

    I saw this ad for a new promotional plan available for Karnataka on their regional website. This plan is promotional for the next 90 days from 6th July 2015. Check the plan details on page 3 of this document here: Source A screenshot is attached. My Existing BSNL connection was on NIB-1...