bsnl broadband

  1. MRINAL916

    Getting same speeds on BSNL Broadband even after plan change

    Hi I have the following specs on my adls connection. I have subscribed the plan of RS675 (annual) which I changed recently from 549 plan (8mbps till 3GB) but now I recieve the same speed instead of changing my plan pls help
  2. R

    Some apps like Paytm, MPL are not opening with wifi

    Iam using bsnl broadband wifi. with this wifi iam not able to open apps like Paytm, Mpl apps but other apps in my mobile are working. I tested this paytm and mpl apps with phone data and others wifi they are working but when theses are opened with my wifi only these two are not working please...
  3. S

    Getting slow speed on Lan cable and wifi with 20mbps plan??

    Hi, I have the new promotional plan of bsnl 299/-, which has upto 20 mbps download speed till 10gb/day, then 1 mbps beyond. I have TP-Link W8961N ADSL2 modem router and bsnl technician told me not to change/reset any settings. Now, the problem is that i am only getting betweem 5 - 7 mbps on...
  4. Bsnl Pro

    Android & iOS app to check BSNL Broadband Usage and Plan details - No login

    Check BSNL Broadband Data Usage, Plan Details and Speed with BSNL Pro app. No Login Required. Connect to BSNL WiFi and check data usage. PlayStore: AppStore...
  5. K

    bsnl selfcare otp issue

    i'm trying to add my account on bsnl selfcare, my no. is vodafone. Now bsnl is sending otp on my no. but i haven't received it on my no. did anyone face this problem? and how to get this situation resolved?
  6. invisible007

    How to get more upload speed in Bsnl Broadband ?

    Friends iam using Bsnl 249 plan and get 8mbps in downloading but uploading speed is just 0.50 mbps.. How can i get it increased to 4-5 mbps .. ( i knw in Adsl it is not possible) But is there any way like Leased line to get more upload speeds , bcoz in my city fibre is not available.. Finally i...
  7. kkmostwanted

    My Internet goes down for 5 min. every 2-3 hours

    11/11/2018 21:48:9> Last errorlog repeat 39 Times 11/11/2018 21:48:10> netMakeChannDial: err=-3000 rn_p=80429830 11/11/2018 21:48:15> Last errorlog repeat 11 Times 11/11/2018 21:48:15> MPOA Link Down 11/11/2018 21:48:15> mpoaChannDown: ch<0> null iface 11/11/2018 21:48:15> SNMP TRAP 2: link down...
  8. pothi

    BSNL Broadband: Ad Injection, Random Redirection to Malware Websites

    I started seeing browser pop-ups that in turn redirects to speed [dash] open two [dot] com (please NEVER visit it), that in turns redirects to malicious sites. Here's my observation on this pop-up... It happens only on BSNL broadband network (that's why I posted it here to see if there is...
  9. N

    Bsnl broadband configuration first time

    I've tried everything but I am just not able to get my new bsnl broadband connection working. I've read a million sites and tried a million permutations in settings but to no avail. My router netgear d500 was being used for bsnl broadband in my last city. But after shifting and taking new bsnl...
  10. K

    D-link 2750u as a wan input

    i know this is described here already but here's my problem.. i am currently on bsnl 845 plan but still get speeds upto 4mbps.. i am thinking joister-connect which provides 20mbps connection. but it gives RJ-45 as an input whereas my router has an RJ-11 as input. after reading lots of pages of...