bsnl broadband

  1. KaKaRot820

    Bsnl new plans released in uttarakhand?

    today i called my sdo as the selfcare portal is still showing old plans and he said that the new plans are only for new customers as they are promotional plans. earlier i have seen in poles that some peeps got new plans in uttarakhand. if anyone know how to get new plans here please help.....
  2. OneDirection

    Wrong Plan Activated

    I had requested for BSNL FTTH on 27 Sept 2020 it got activated yesterday but I had opted for ₹499 plan with 40 Mbps speed but it seems they have activated wrong Plan !! What to do now ?? And how to get Billing Account Number and Service ID ...
  3. Rushil

    Plan did not updated even after showing successful on selfcare

    Today I updated my 50 Mbps plan to a new 100 MBPS fiber value plan in self-care within a few seconds it got successfully but till now I did not get speed change neither it is showing in the fup portal, It is also showing 2 plans in my services of BSNL.
  4. shashankb

    Karnataka: BSNL Bharat Fiber New Plans (30/100/200/300mbps)

    I was on a telephone conversation with BSNL FTTH Department and they said the BSNL department which handles Online applications for everything on Selfcare has been closed (regional-Shimoga) . There are close to 10k applications pending for my area. The request from Selfcare is taken manually...
  5. Sandy11

    Jammu & Kashmir: BSNL Bharat Fiber New Plans (30/100/200/300mbps)

    Guys, I am trying to change my plan via selfcare. I register just now on selfcare. I have the 849 plan with 600gb FUP, I want to change it to 799 plan with 3300gb/100mbps plan. I added my account to selfcare but it added only BB FIBER VOICE to the account. I can't change my plan via that. I...
  6. P

    BSNL New Plans - Speed tests - What's your speed?

    Holyshit, Its happening guys. I wasnt this happy the first time I saw t1ts in person :D
  7. Adithya

    Kerala: BSNL Bharat Fiber New Plans (30/100/200/300mbps)

    Last updated: 09:30 am, Oct 29 2020. Let's keep track here, since the original thread is locked. I'll keep a list of people here who got the plans in Selfcare with their SSA. I'm not sure what benfit keeping a list will bring atleast we have a place to discuss. Share anything your local...
  8. NikhilS

    Maharashtra: BSNL Bharat Fiber New Plans (30/100/200/300mbps)

    In some SSAs it's on but in others its dark. (Will update this text soon)
  9. NikhilS

    Madhya Pradesh: BSNL Bharat Fiber New Plans (30/100/200/300mbps)

    Plans are live on self-care for some areas, but for some, it's not.
  10. Realme

    Which BSNL plan have you opted for?

    This poll is intended for post 12 AM from Now i.e. beginning from 1 October 2020. Please contribute 3 speedtest too (1 Local Server Bharti Chennai/Mumbai or Measurement Lab Preferred + 2 International :OVH/GTT/NForce/i3D/Telia preferred) Please only poll in when you have speedtests ready
  11. jtnrao7

    BSNL Bharat Fiber new broadband plans (30mbps/100mbps/200mbps/300mbps)

    BSNL is launching 4 new plans as follows [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] I don't know anything about FUP at the moment. Fibre Basic Fibre Value Fibre Premium Fibre Ultra Speed 30Mbps 100 Mbps 200 Mbps 300 Mbps OTT Nil Nil Hotstar Premium Hotstar Premium...
  12. Curious WiFi


    Hi, Facing a Strange problem So I request you to please read patiently. I am using SONY BRAVIA TV MODEL KDL-43W800F. It is having Android version 8.0.0 and android security patch level 1 May 2019. I am using BSNL broadband with a HUAWEI modem, model HG532d. I am facing a strange problem. When...
  13. S

    What is the difference between BSNL Exchange office and National Internet Backbone (NIB) office in any district ?

    1. What is the difference between BSNL Exchange and BSNL NIB? Is bsnl NIB in any district a kind of big exchange headquarter for all small exchanges in that city or in that district? 2. Is NIB present in every tier-2 and tier-3 city of a district (i.e., multiple NIBs in a single district) or...
  14. AshikAliLive

    Unable to Access My Modem admin page (BSNL FTTH)

    I have a BSNL FTTH (Mysore Division), my bsnl modem (Huawei hg850a) is configured in bridge mode and I use my Mi RP3 Pro router for authentication. But now, I'm unable to access my modem login page, I tried with Wifi & Lan cable nothing seems working. I tried a whole lot of IP ranges, nothing...
  15. vignesh_venkatesan

    Need suggestions on switching to LCO provided broadband

    I'm on BSNL ADSL 20 down / 1 Mbps up 800 gb fup plan at 699+gst. I was approached by an LCO who runs service on Airtel backbone giving unlimited plans (100 Mbps at 999). So my questions are, 1. Is there a way to temporarily suspend bsnl broadband for a month or two to try out LCO provided...
  16. MRINAL916

    Getting same speeds on BSNL Broadband even after plan change

    Hi I have the following specs on my adls connection. I have subscribed the plan of RS675 (annual) which I changed recently from 549 plan (8mbps till 3GB) but now I recieve the same speed instead of changing my plan pls help
  17. R

    Some apps like Paytm, MPL are not opening with wifi

    Iam using bsnl broadband wifi. with this wifi iam not able to open apps like Paytm, Mpl apps but other apps in my mobile are working. I tested this paytm and mpl apps with phone data and others wifi they are working but when theses are opened with my wifi only these two are not working please...

    My broadband plan/speed not changed i dont know what is happening ?

    I am from kerala circle and my plan is unlimited 675 plan but my speed is not daily plan basis . i have getting whole 150gb for a month with 10mbps speed and 2mbps beyond . actually my broadband is not changed to daily limit system i dont know why my plan service is...
  19. S

    Getting slow speed on Lan cable and wifi with 20mbps plan??

    Hi, I have the new promotional plan of bsnl 299/-, which has upto 20 mbps download speed till 10gb/day, then 1 mbps beyond. I have TP-Link W8961N ADSL2 modem router and bsnl technician told me not to change/reset any settings. Now, the problem is that i am only getting betweem 5 - 7 mbps on...
  20. jayanta525

    BSNL BB stuck on 8Mbps on 20Mbps plan.

    TL;DR: New BB connection, (previously surrendered) ULD300GB plan (Base-I-H-DLY-20MB-10G-1MB-M), 20Mbps up to 10GB/day, the first week: ADSL data rate stuck at 2048Kbps, after numerous calls to 1500 and a visit to the exchange partially solved my problem, from 2Mbps to 8Mbps. Now stuck at 8Mbps...
  21. Bsnl Pro

    Android & iOS app to check BSNL Broadband Usage and Plan details - No login

    Check BSNL Broadband Data Usage, Plan Details and Speed with BSNL Pro app. No Login Required. Connect to BSNL WiFi and check data usage. PlayStore: AppStore...
  22. K

    bsnl selfcare otp issue

    i'm trying to add my account on bsnl selfcare, my no. is vodafone. Now bsnl is sending otp on my no. but i haven't received it on my no. did anyone face this problem? and how to get this situation resolved?
  23. invisible007

    Lets get together and Tweet to BSNL for increasing FUP ...

    Guys u all know that recently BSNL changed the Broadband 249 Plan to 299 rs and applied 1.5gb /day FUP which seems injustice to us..:mad: whats the point of choosing 1.5gb /day in 300rs +GST , we can opt for 99 plan or 199 plan also .. :confused: This daily limit of 1.5gb per day is just...
  24. invisible007

    How to get more upload speed in Bsnl Broadband ?

    Friends iam using Bsnl 249 plan and get 8mbps in downloading but uploading speed is just 0.50 mbps.. How can i get it increased to 4-5 mbps .. ( i knw in Adsl it is not possible) But is there any way like Leased line to get more upload speeds , bcoz in my city fibre is not available.. Finally i...
  25. kkmostwanted

    My Internet goes down for 5 min. every 2-3 hours

    11/11/2018 21:48:9> Last errorlog repeat 39 Times 11/11/2018 21:48:10> netMakeChannDial: err=-3000 rn_p=80429830 11/11/2018 21:48:15> Last errorlog repeat 11 Times 11/11/2018 21:48:15> MPOA Link Down 11/11/2018 21:48:15> mpoaChannDown: ch<0> null iface 11/11/2018 21:48:15> SNMP TRAP 2: link down...

    BSNL is inserting ads in websites, sending their users to malware sites through malware code injection

    Well, BSNL has started injecting ads above webpage. It shows up in the bottom right corner and is not related to website or browser. I'm using adblocker but it doesn't help to disable/remove this ad. The ad shows up once the internet is connected and doesn't show again until ip or modem is...
  27. N

    Bsnl broadband configuration first time

    I've tried everything but I am just not able to get my new bsnl broadband connection working. I've read a million sites and tried a million permutations in settings but to no avail. My router netgear d500 was being used for bsnl broadband in my last city. But after shifting and taking new bsnl...
  28. K

    D-link 2750u as a wan input

    i know this is described here already but here's my problem.. i am currently on bsnl 845 plan but still get speeds upto 4mbps.. i am thinking joister-connect which provides 20mbps connection. but it gives RJ-45 as an input whereas my router has an RJ-11 as input. after reading lots of pages of...
  29. A

    Bsnl DSL Wire Upgrade ( DP Box to DSL Splitter )

    This DSL Wire ( DP Box to DSL Splitter) was installed before 15 years approximately. I think its outdated DSL Wire, not fit for 20 MBPS Speed. Some Bsnl person suggests me to replace the wire to a new wire for better SNR Margin. Airtel is using entirely different DSL Wires. Does Bsnl use the...
  30. invisible007

    BSNL changed Service Name for Broadband Plans

    Earlier It showed something like BBG _Combo_UL_8Mbps_5G for 249 plan now they changed it to .... Check Yours .
  31. invisible007

    Downstream rate not stable

    Guys from yesterday iam seeing that my Downstream rates are not stable , earlier it was 8110 , and from yesterday its always changing 2650 or 5555 ... so i get less download speeds ... why this is happening ?? Is this problem from my nearby BSNL exchange ...
  32. A

    BBG Combo ULD 1199 Speed Increased to 20 Mbps till 1100 GB ?

    BBG Combo ULD 1199 Speed Increased to 20 Mbps till 1100 GB. It said that its effective from 27.07.2018. Is this true? Is anybody getting 20 Mbps speed? I'm in the same plan yet the old speed remains. Source Link: BSNL Broadband Speed Increased Upto 100% & FUP by 12 Times
  33. invisible007

    Error while adding account on Selfcare Portal (help needed) :(

    Getting same error from past 2 months , When i click on add account and enter details it says - No such Customer is registered with us . ! Note - All the details iam entering here like Customer ID and account number are correct and i have verified them many times with BSNL care ... BSNL...
  34. P

    BSNL FTTH Fiber Wire Charges

    BSNL is the only ISP that provides okayish broadband in my city. So today i thought to apply for Fibero 777 Plan providing 50Mbps up and down. The guy in the exchange told me i have to pay ₹2250 for Optic Wire and ₹400 as installation charges, where as on the official there are no such details...
  35. JellySandwich

    High ping in CSGO

    I've been getting high ping for a few months now, i tried looking for any faults on my end but found absolutely nothing, I even bought a new router (Digisol DG-BG4300NU) My tracert results to is shown below And this is my ping to the Singapore server I mean i tried using the...
  36. T

    What happens after the one year of 249 plan is over (users of plan 249 please )

    I got my bsnl 249 plan in aug 2017. Will it automatically moved to higher plan after completion of one year or its not applicable anymore as bsnl introduced even lower priced plans like 45gb for 99rs.
  37. vickyrj939

    why I'm getting slow internet speed on my 2Mbps plan ?

    Hi i'm facing slow internet for almost 1 and half month i was getting between 200 to 250 Kbps as per my 2Mbps plan but from last month i hardly get 90 why is that, plus i've been calling to exchange daily but they also seems to not get anything, also sometime i get 200 kbps after 12am to 11pm...
  38. X

    BSNL Broadband is playing with data downstream rate (10mbps for all?)

    So in the recent past I have noticed BSNL in my area was unstable and most of the time it kept playing with the data downstream rate ranging over 7 to 10 Mbps, even 2 mbps sometimes ( very rarely) And it took a disconnection to for things to normalise , now these kept happening for these last 2...
  39. G

    Internet speed fluctuating and most of the time it is very slow.

    So, it has been now 2 months and I am getting even half of my line rate which is 10 Mbps(downstream). Occasionally I get good speed that is around 8 Mbps mark but after 10-15 minutes, it switch backs to the slow speed which is not even 1 Mbps.I had complained to the exchange and one person came...
  40. D

    Bsnl broadband speed gets capped at 4 Mbps sometimes and Ping significantly rises.

    I have been noticing that nowadays sometimes my Bsnl broadband speed automatically gets capped at 4-5 Mbps and ping also significant rises. It returns to same 8-9 Mbps after a day or so. My Line status shows nothing wrong with the line. I don't know why this is happening maybe they are not able...
  41. Sushubh

    Has anyone else been moved from public IP to NAT by BSNL Broadband in recent days?

    Happened to @Vedant few days ago. Wondering if this is happening in more cities.
  42. invisible007

    How do I activate Happy Browsing on my BSNL Broadband connection?

    See my details and tell me whether my happy browsing is activated or not ? :sneaky: and also tell me whether my SNR / Attenuation is OK . If anyone has Happy Browsing...
  43. jtnrao7

    BSNL Wireless Broadband Plans

    Here are the BSNL wireless broadband plans. I think BSNL wireless broadband will solve the problem for those who live far from the exchange and not getting the proper speed.
  44. jtnrao7

    BSNL 16 Mbps plan.

    I want to take BSNL 16 Mbps. But I don't know how much speed I can get based on my attenuation and SNR margin. Can someone please help me. My attenuation is 22.5 dB and SNR margin is 29.9 dB Image: Screenshot
  45. prabmurthy

    Unable to connect to internal sites

    Hi, I'm trying to access some internal vpn sites using my BSNL fiber optic plan of 40 MBPS. I am able to connect to VPN but not the sites hosted on internal vpn. I checked with my local IT team and the result turned out to be that the latency is too high. Close to 250 - 350 ms. Can some one...
  46. A

    BSNL FTTH Broadband in Hyderabad

    hello i applied for bsnl ftth today i will give you updated information as the new connection process progresses iam intrested in 999 plan which gives 60Mbps up to 300 GB and 4 Mbps after fup thanks
  47. pothi

    BSNL Broadband is now offering 8mbps as minimum speeds on almost all their plans

    Did they mean to publish it on April first? Now BSNL Broadband New Speed Is 8Mbps As Minimum From 249 Plan
  48. Bsnl Pro

    BSNL Pro: Android and Chrome Apps to monitor your BSNL Broadband usage

    Hello Everyone, UPDATE: Android app is available now . Link : Bsnl Pro - Check Broadband Usage (BETA) - Android Apps on Google Play We are working on a Chrome Extension to check broadband usage without signing in. You will be able to check your monthly usage with single click!. Download the...
  49. Sushubh

    How to apply for a new BSNL Broadband connection online?

    Source Link does not load for me on Excitel or Airtel LTE.
  50. coolguy

    A query regarding BSNL broadband Line Rate ?

    Hello all, I have recently changed my plan to BBG COMBO ULD 1199 (4 mbps till 20 GB then 2 mbps there after) and following are my line rate stats in the modem - Line Rate - Upstream (Kbps): 509 Line Rate - Downstream (Kbps): 4095 I am not talking about attainable rates . Just the current Line...