bsnl bharat fiber ultra plan

  1. KaKaRot820

    Bsnl new plans released in uttarakhand?

    today i called my sdo as the selfcare portal is still showing old plans and he said that the new plans are only for new customers as they are promotional plans. earlier i have seen in poles that some peeps got new plans in uttarakhand. if anyone know how to get new plans here please help.....
  2. OneDirection

    Wrong Plan Activated

    I had requested for BSNL FTTH on 27 Sept 2020 it got activated yesterday but I had opted for ₹499 plan with 40 Mbps speed but it seems they have activated wrong Plan !! What to do now ?? And how to get Billing Account Number and Service ID ...
  3. Rushil

    Plan did not updated even after showing successful on selfcare

    Today I updated my 50 Mbps plan to a new 100 MBPS fiber value plan in self-care within a few seconds it got successfully but till now I did not get speed change neither it is showing in the fup portal, It is also showing 2 plans in my services of BSNL.
  4. shashankb

    Karnataka: BSNL Bharat Fiber New Plans (30/100/200/300mbps)

    I was on a telephone conversation with BSNL FTTH Department and they said the BSNL department which handles Online applications for everything on Selfcare has been closed (regional-Shimoga) . There are close to 10k applications pending for my area. The request from Selfcare is taken manually...
  5. Sandy11

    Jammu & Kashmir: BSNL Bharat Fiber New Plans (30/100/200/300mbps)

    Guys, I am trying to change my plan via selfcare. I register just now on selfcare. I have the 849 plan with 600gb FUP, I want to change it to 799 plan with 3300gb/100mbps plan. I added my account to selfcare but it added only BB FIBER VOICE to the account. I can't change my plan via that. I...
  6. P

    BSNL New Plans - Speed tests - What's your speed?

    Holyshit, Its happening guys. I wasnt this happy the first time I saw t1ts in person :D
  7. Adithya

    Kerala: BSNL Bharat Fiber New Plans (30/100/200/300mbps)

    Last updated: 09:30 am, Oct 29 2020. Let's keep track here, since the original thread is locked. I'll keep a list of people here who got the plans in Selfcare with their SSA. I'm not sure what benfit keeping a list will bring atleast we have a place to discuss. Share anything your local...
  8. Nikhil Sharma

    Maharashtra: BSNL Bharat Fiber New Plans (30/100/200/300mbps)

    In some SSAs it's on but in others its dark. (Will update this text soon)
  9. Nikhil Sharma

    Madhya Pradesh: BSNL Bharat Fiber New Plans (30/100/200/300mbps)

    Plans are live on self-care for some areas, but for some, it's not.
  10. Realme

    Which BSNL plan have you opted for?

    This poll is intended for post 12 AM from Now i.e. beginning from 1 October 2020. Please contribute 3 speedtest too (1 Local Server Bharti Chennai/Mumbai or Measurement Lab Preferred + 2 International :OVH/GTT/NForce/i3D/Telia preferred) Please only poll in when you have speedtests ready
  11. jtnrao7

    BSNL Bharat Fiber new broadband plans (30mbps/100mbps/200mbps/300mbps)

    BSNL is launching 4 new plans as follows [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] I don't know anything about FUP at the moment. Fibre Basic Fibre Value Fibre Premium Fibre Ultra Speed 30Mbps 100 Mbps 200 Mbps 300 Mbps OTT Nil Nil Hotstar Premium Hotstar Premium...