bsnl 675

  1. MRINAL916

    Getting same speeds on BSNL Broadband even after plan change

    Hi I have the following specs on my adls connection. I have subscribed the plan of RS675 (annual) which I changed recently from 549 plan (8mbps till 3GB) but now I recieve the same speed instead of changing my plan pls help
  2. fresblush

    BSNL Charged Double on monthly payment of bill.

    Hey Guys Need Some Help, I was on promotional plan 491 for 6 months for new connection , which ended on 30/4/2019, so I changed my plan 30th itself, to 675 plan, but BSNL charged me RS 1250.00 which suppose to be near RS 900, what should i do guys. I have attached Summary of Charges.