1. P

    BSNL disconnection dilemma

    Sir, I live in Chennai. I've been a long time customer of BSNL for the past 16-17 years. Due to some drainage related work in our area by corporation, BSNL landline wire got cut in October 2020. My dad made a complaint. BSNL personnel told us that it will take time to fix the line issue and...
  2. openwonder

    Excitel Broadband Lucknow (Indira Nagar) Review !!

    Hello all Today Excitel Fiber has been done to my Home as I switched from Airtel. Tell Me what Tests should I perform on it. Regards Prashant
  3. D

    Airtel broadband bill due date got revised

    Its showing last months paid bill as unpaid and due date as 13th which usually is 22nd of every month. Really confusing no way to contact airtel. Should i pay it now or should i wait ?
  4. S

    Timbl fraud : Capping/throttling speed because of lockdown without any intimation or refund

    Just got 50 Mbps connection ,talked to customer care guy he says speed has been capped at 30 Mbps because of lockdown. This is fraudulent and appalling behaviour. No ISP has capped it's speed . They charged me for 50 Mbps . Such disappointing service . Anyone else facing the issue ? Mention ur...
  5. S

    Has Timbl reduced its speed during lockdown ?

    I have got 50 Mbps plan , but the speed doesn't go beyond 30 mbps . Talked to customer care guy , he said speed has been capped at 30 mbps during lockdown. Anybody else facing the same issue ?
  6. captain_ahab

    Can you help with pingplotter results

    I am attaching pingplotter sample sets below - "tripleplay_hotstar_07012020_233959.pp2" and "tripleplay_google_08012020_001032.pp2" are consecutive in that order and reflect the packet loss started at night of 7th January 11:39 PM up until 30 minutes to 8th January 00:10 AM. Also...
  7. A

    Resolving problems with Airtel VoWiFi, WiFi Calling

    Disclaimer - this is one possible solution, for a specific scenario. This post does not aim to resolve all possible WiFi Calling issues. Posting this here for people who have been trying to resolve issues with WiFi calling not working on Airtel, it took me a really long while to figure this out...
  8. N

    BSNL FTTH Xbox and DEN Broadband CGNAT

    Hi Guys, SO glad I found this website because I am pretty sure the locals here don't know what I'm talking about. So basically I have 2 internet connections. BSNL and DEN. I definitely find den much better to use and it also provides me with 100MBPS up and down as compared to BSNL which gives...
  9. Crazyguy030601

    Airtel Xstream Fiber Broadband 1gbps ultra plan with unlimited data (~3TB) for Rs. 3999+GST (Rs. 4719)

    Idk if this is a coincidence or not lol, but I noticed a gigabit broadband plan on Airtel’s website
  10. B

    How is Tata Sky Broadband in Mumbai?

    Hi guys, Can anybody share some feedback on how Tata Sky's broadband service is, in Mumbai? They are offering me a good deal, so I was planning to switch. I am using Hathway right now and it is highly unstable are times.
  11. brambedkar59

    Excitel routing/backend is still not fully fixed.

    I was getting consistent packet loss since last month. I opened a ticket around mid may. At the time I was getting packet loss on even the local excitel servers on SpeedTest app. Since yesterday it's fixed but not fully (no packet loss on SpeedTest app on any local servers). I am still getting...
  12. M

    Reliance Jio Fiber Broadband in Hyderabad

    Jio started providing connections in our area in Hyderabad about a month back. My connection (Only Data) is working very well since then. speed is more than 90 Mbps most of the times. When the fiber cable was cut outside of our premises due to third party action (tree cutting), they replaced the...
  13. ANIsetra

    New Broadband Suggestion

    Hi Guys I am situated in East Delhi and will be needing a new broadband service and would love your suggestions here ! Currently, I am using WEBCITY broadband (old copper wire connection), 50 mbps (gives me 10-30mbps) plan which works out fine if i need to send out mails and download movies...
  14. H

    Oceans Infoline Broadband - Thane

    Hi guys, I am from Thane and recently someone dropped a pamphlet at my door of this broadband company named oceans infoline private limited. they have insanely aggressive pricing but I have never came across this broadband company. their office is located at Thane Khopat area. I am listing...
  15. JellySandwich

    BSNL Self Care Loop

    I'm currently on the BBG ULD 545 Broadband plan and wish to change to any of the newer Broadband plans preferably BBG Combo UL 675 (now called 5 GB Plan on BSNL's Broadband plan page) So I logged on to BSNL SelfCare in order to change my broadband plan, turns out I can't because about 4 months...
  16. A

    Department of Telecommunications has regulations on how long one can stay connected to VPN (and how strong encryption could be)?

    now the Terms had changed it says: 38. The Customer may use VPN and encryption up to the bit length permitted by the Department of Telecommunications. YOU Broadband - Terms & Conditions
  17. A

    Do I need to change my landline number while switching to BSNL FTTH?

    Recently, I got to know about the wonderful offers provided by BSNL fiber network. However I have heard various speculations that in order to switch to that service, I would need to change my landline number. I have been using this number for more than 15 years and I cant afford to change it. So...
  18. A

    BBG Combo ULD 1199 Speed Increased to 20 Mbps till 1100 GB ?

    BBG Combo ULD 1199 Speed Increased to 20 Mbps till 1100 GB. It said that its effective from 27.07.2018. Is this true? Is anybody getting 20 Mbps speed? I'm in the same plan yet the old speed remains. Source Link: BSNL Broadband Speed Increased Upto 100% & FUP by 12 Times
  19. TheAwakened

    Best ISP for gaming in Mysore

    Hello everyone, I'm currently using BSNL but the ping to game servers is very high and it is not suitable for gamin hence I'm looking at changing my ISP. Which ISP is good for gaming in Mysore?.
  20. D

    Best internet service provider in Ardee City, Sector 52, Gurgaon

    Hi, I recently moved to Gurgaon. I am staying in Ardee City, Sector 52. I want to take a broadband connection. I have no technical knowledge about networks. One of my friend suggested to go for Airtel but i found other ISP with reasonable prices as well. After digging, I am left with four...
  21. G

    Internet speed fluctuating and most of the time it is very slow.

    So, it has been now 2 months and I am getting even half of my line rate which is 10 Mbps(downstream). Occasionally I get good speed that is around 8 Mbps mark but after 10-15 minutes, it switch backs to the slow speed which is not even 1 Mbps.I had complained to the exchange and one person came...
  22. Sushubh

    Has anyone else been moved from public IP to NAT by BSNL Broadband in recent days?

    Happened to @Vedant few days ago. Wondering if this is happening in more cities.
  23. A

    How to migrate to Bsnl FTTH online ?

    Is there any option to Migrate my Existing plan BBG Combo ULD 1199 to FTTH plan online ? Should i change my adsl modem for FTTH ? I saw some cool affordable plans in FTTH, i think those plans are better than 1199 plan with unlimited Free calls.
  24. T

    Airtel now giving 2000GB bonus data valid till 21 Nov 2018. Some plan changes too in Jaipur.

    So I got a new Airtel V-Fiber connection on the 19th of November and I got 1000 GB bonus two times (Once on the 20th and again on the 21st). I called Airtel CC to ask about something else (To ask about some plans being upgraded, as some users on this forum were reporting) and they mentioned I...
  25. A

    Broadband Services in Jaipur?

    I was using Reliance Broadband till this month but its down since the whole RCom Telecommunications closing down debacle. Now I have no internet and can't seem to find a decent service for an affordable price in Malviya Nagar Area of Jaipur. Any suggestions will be welcome. I don't want to go...
  26. A

    Bsnl Broadband Increases post FUP Speed to 4 Mbps and FUP limit upto 300 Gb ?

    Bsnl Broadband Increases post FUP Speed to 4 Mbps and FUP limit upto 300 Gb in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana alone ? Why not in Other states ? Source Link : BSNL Broadband Speed, FUP Limits In AP & Telangana Increased Rapidly
  27. krishna1997

    You Broadband powered by Vodafone

    and ive seen ads in streets so any news
  28. pothi

    BSNL Broadband is now offering 8mbps as minimum speeds on almost all their plans

    Did they mean to publish it on April first? Now BSNL Broadband New Speed Is 8Mbps As Minimum From 249 Plan
  29. Sushubh

    Excitel Broadband through FTTH?

    The local guy who came to my place to replace the wire told me that I can get connected to Excitel through FTTH in a couple of weeks. I am not sure if this is something that Excitel is doing on their own or encouraging their partners to start doing or my LCO doing it on his own. The guy said...
  30. A

    How to apply rental Rebate online for Bsnl?

    I'm in BBG ULD 1199 Plan, my landline is dead totally for the past 7 days, and my broadband working in day time, in evening i losing the connection, that too am getting only 1 fourth of my original speed. how can i apply for rental rebate online ? can somebody guide me the procedure ?
  31. A

    Installation Charges are unbearable (Rs.5000)

    I got to know about the performance of railtel broadband from one of my friend, due to very bad performance of Bsnl (3 days continous down) I changed to Do Broadband, it is very cheaper connection than any other network, the performance is also the same, then i planned to change it to railnet, i...
  32. D

    MTNL Mumbai ADSL2+ router always defaults to Annex M

    Hi guys, when I select Annex A on this UTStar router, I am getting Downstream SNR Margin of 15 and Attenuation of 20. On Annex M, I get SNR Margin drops to 6 and Attenuation is 26 But when I save the settings at Annex A and reboot modem, it always goes back to Annex M. I want to know if MTNL...
  33. B

    MTNL Mumbai MTNL Mumbai updates its pre-FUP speeds to 6mbps minimum for all plans

    MTNL Mumbai has updated the pre-FUP speeds for their plans. Minimum speed is now 6 Mbps. Post FUP is still 1 Mbps though. Page says it's valid till 28th September but none of their other changes have been rolled back yet so...
  34. Sushubh

    Excitel Broadband: ₹200 OFF on all plans for customers in Noida, Ghaziabad and Hyderabad

    Not sure if new. Hyderabad I assume already had cheaper plans?
  35. Sushubh

    How to apply for a new BSNL Broadband connection online?

    Source Link does not load for me on Excitel or Airtel LTE.
  36. geek

    BSNL Broadband now offers 2 Mbps post-FUP speeds on all plans of Rs. 675 & above !

    BSNL Broadband customers will get upto 2 Mbps download speed after high speed quota (FUP) in all unlimited broadband plans with FMC Rs. 675/- & above. The revision is applicable to all PAN India and Circle Specific broadband / FTTH (fiber broadband) unlimited plans with immediate effect. BSNL...
  37. coolguy

    A query regarding BSNL broadband Line Rate ?

    Hello all, I have recently changed my plan to BBG COMBO ULD 1199 (4 mbps till 20 GB then 2 mbps there after) and following are my line rate stats in the modem - Line Rate - Upstream (Kbps): 509 Line Rate - Downstream (Kbps): 4095 I am not talking about attainable rates . Just the current Line...
  38. ShanksZ

    Airtel Broadband giving 500-1000GB additional data to all customers. But you need to call them up!

    Well New offers for new subscribers Bonus dat a tho site showing this only in Delhi Gurgaon Noida Faridabad Ghaziabad.
  39. Puneet Malpani

    Is Nextra Broadband good for gaming?

    Their plans are cheaper and better compared to Airtel vfiber. (Currently using Airtel) How much ping will I get on European severs? Screenshot
  40. H

    Jio all talk and no walk?

    With so much obsession and talk of Jio going on, would like to share my experience... For those thinking of buying the MyFi device... I am returning my device since the network and connectivity is worse than pathetic... They claim that the connectivity range is 10 - 50 meters and upto 10...
  41. Agni

    ADSL light is on, but Internet light is not blinking. Problems with my landline as well.

    Hello. I am using an iBall Baton modem along with a BSNL connection for broadband. This morning, something strange happened The ADSL light on my modem was on and steady. But the internet light wasn't blinking. I couldn't hear any dialtone in my landline, but when I called from another phone...
  42. Deb_1

    Vodafone Rs. 344/352 Recharge: 1GB/Day for 28/56 Days (Circle Specific Pricing)

    Survival of the fittest in telecom sector.
  43. Saurav Lakhmani

    Need help from users in Delhi.

    Hey guys, I have been into this game "Warface" for a while now but due to a recent change in publishers and strict ping limits I am unable to play PVP anymore. If you guys could ping 2 servers for me and post your results, It'll help me decide which broadband connection to get. Thanks in...
  44. A

    Best Broadband in Indirapuram,Ghaziabad?

    I live in Nyay Khand 1,Indirapuram.I am using Airtel now,it works fine but the amount I am paying is a lot.So I just wanted to know which is the best broadband of choice for people living here and how there experience is with it and PLEASE NO PAID ADVERTISEMENT,I just want a REAL REVIEW.
  45. D

    Best Service Provider in Dwarka Sec-3

    Hello there. Just as the title says, I want a good broadband provider in my society. The one I have right now is a local one. The budget I can spend on a plan is maximum of 900 Rs a month. Currently I am getting a 5 mbps unlimited and the service is good, the local guy usually knows when there's...
  46. B

    ISP in JP Nagar 6th Phase Bangalore

    Hi All I am new in JP Nagar 6th phase, Blore. Can you guys suggest me a good ISP here? Is BBNL service good out here? Price looks very pleasing. Thanks.
  47. Manik dhall

    Excitel Broadband Not Working

    I just got a new Exitel connection on the 29th however last 2 days u have been facing huge sometimes it seems the connection only works in the morning Now regretting my decision to disconnect my reliance connection
  48. M

    ISP in Sector 46, Gurgaon

    I just moved to Sector 46 in Gurgaon. Living on rent in a Huda plot. I was looking for all available ISPs which are available here. I haven't got time to talk to my neighbours, being busy with my office work. Thanks.
  49. J

    Fraud Company!!!

    Hello, I am residing in North Delhi (rohini) Recently in September i decided to move from airtel to siticable, since there "plans" we better looking. So i call up their customer care and they send their representative to get the initial form filled and the advance cheque, just like any other...