1. N

    BSNL FTTH Xbox and DEN Broadband CGNAT

    Hi Guys, SO glad I found this website because I am pretty sure the locals here don't know what I'm talking about. So basically I have 2 internet connections. BSNL and DEN. I definitely find den much better to use and it also provides me with 100MBPS up and down as compared to BSNL which gives...
  2. B

    How is Tata Sky Broadband in Mumbai?

    Hi guys, Can anybody share some feedback on how Tata Sky's broadband service is, in Mumbai? They are offering me a good deal, so I was planning to switch. I am using Hathway right now and it is highly unstable are times.
  3. rockstarrocks

    Excitel routing/backend is still not fully fixed.

    I was getting consistent packet loss since last month. I opened a ticket around mid may. At the time I was getting packet loss on even the local excitel servers on SpeedTest app. Since yesterday it's fixed but not fully (no packet loss on SpeedTest app on any local servers). I am still getting...
  4. M

    Reliance Jio Fiber Broadband in Hyderabad

    Jio started providing connections in our area in Hyderabad about a month back. My connection (Only Data) is working very well since then. speed is more than 90 Mbps most of the times. When the fiber cable was cut outside of our premises due to third party action (tree cutting), they replaced the...
  5. ANIsetra

    New Broadband Suggestion

    Hi Guys I am situated in East Delhi and will be needing a new broadband service and would love your suggestions here ! Currently, I am using WEBCITY broadband (old copper wire connection), 50 mbps (gives me 10-30mbps) plan which works out fine if i need to send out mails and download movies...
  6. H

    Oceans Infoline Broadband - Thane

    Hi guys, I am from Thane and recently someone dropped a pamphlet at my door of this broadband company named oceans infoline private limited. they have insanely aggressive pricing but I have never came across this broadband company. their office is located at Thane Khopat area. I am listing...
  7. JellySandwich

    BSNL Self Care Loop

    I'm currently on the BBG ULD 545 Broadband plan and wish to change to any of the newer Broadband plans preferably BBG Combo UL 675 (now called 5 GB Plan on BSNL's Broadband plan page) So I logged on to BSNL SelfCare in order to change my broadband plan, turns out I can't because about 4 months...
  8. A

    Department of Telecommunications has regulations on how long one can stay connected to VPN (and how strong encryption could be)?

    now the Terms had changed it says: 38. The Customer may use VPN and encryption up to the bit length permitted by the Department of Telecommunications. YOU Broadband - Terms & Conditions
  9. A

    Do I need to change my landline number while switching to BSNL FTTH?

    Recently, I got to know about the wonderful offers provided by BSNL fiber network. However I have heard various speculations that in order to switch to that service, I would need to change my landline number. I have been using this number for more than 15 years and I cant afford to change it. So...
  10. A

    BBG Combo ULD 1199 Speed Increased to 20 Mbps till 1100 GB ?

    BBG Combo ULD 1199 Speed Increased to 20 Mbps till 1100 GB. It said that its effective from 27.07.2018. Is this true? Is anybody getting 20 Mbps speed? I'm in the same plan yet the old speed remains. Source Link: BSNL Broadband Speed Increased Upto 100% & FUP by 12 Times