broadband issues

  1. G

    Internet speed fluctuating and most of the time it is very slow.

    So, it has been now 2 months and I am getting even half of my line rate which is 10 Mbps(downstream). Occasionally I get good speed that is around 8 Mbps mark but after 10-15 minutes, it switch backs to the slow speed which is not even 1 Mbps.I had complained to the exchange and one person came...
  2. S

    wifi showing limited access

    I have been an ACT user for the past 2 weeks and I always have this problem when I tried to connect to the internet through Wifi in my Laptop. The connection is established but after few minutes instead of showing "connected" it is showing as "limited access" with an yellow color exclamation...
  3. R

    Excitel Worst services

    Hi friends, I live in Mayur vihar 1 i was using excitel services for 1 month, it was worst experience, disconnecting issue occurred every day, no use of these services, I have cancelled my services within 30 days and they are not refunding my money, you could choose any one except Excitel.
  4. Surendra kumar Das


    Its been three weeks that I got the ACT service and it's the worst service that I can ever think in my life. I have lost the service two times earlier, these guys fixed it but they took their own sweet time to fixed it and not the committed time. This time they have reached heights. Can't...
  5. zraza

    BTcache torrent caching banned by the government?

    I use Orange City Broadband in Nagpur, earlier on popular torrents I used to get a download speed of upto 5 MB/s, but recently it has been down to 256 KB/s so I called their office and the person in-charge told me that all torrent caching services have been banned by the govt. Is anyone else...
  6. Hardik shah

    BSNL Broadband complain fastest way

    Hello Guys i am from Gujarat (Ahmedabad) Recently i am facing some issue in the internet DSL problem. Every now and then its got disconnected and always got disconnected during phone calls Some time my landline got disconnected too. I have not yet tried any approach to contact BSNL because i...
  7. Killer23

    HNS DC++ Hub

    Hi I'm planning to create DC hub for HNS users. Anyone is up for help ? How many of you wish to share data ? Do let me know, your opinions about the same.
  8. P

    High speed broadband in Adugodi

    Please suggest good, high speed and not so expensive broadband service in Adugodi, Bangalore. As of now, we are using Spectranet provided by Sri Sai Infotech, which is pathetic! Connection will be down every two days and their customer service is just horrible. They never pick your call! Any...
  9. S

    Spectranet Sucks

    Hello All, I would like to share my experience with wired Spectranet connection. Initially for 5 days it was like a newly wedded life.. But after a week, it got disconnected for unknown reason. I lodged a complaint (complaint number # 2015091616907085) but nothing is has been done even after 20...
  10. O

    Modem and Router combination

    I was using TP Link WR740N router till recently for BBNL Broadband connection. The services turned out be hopeless. Now planning to try BSNL service, can somebody suggest > if I can buy a modem to match with router > should I buy a new modem+router combination > Built in 2in1 modem-router Pls...
  11. Kartiksaini

    need help I'm facing speed issues since 11August ...999rs plan and speed only 800kbps

    That time 999 plan is running in my bsnl broadband I'm only get 800kbps speed but as the plan show speed 4mbps upto 8gb but I'm not getting even 1mbps when I complain then they said my 8gb limit is cross okay but now 3 days ago I upgrade it and buy 10gb in 300 because customers care employees...