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  1. sumantrab99

    Hathway Broadband is now using Reliance Jio gateway which means all Jio blocked services are now blocked on it

    I would like to request this forum's mod/admin to kindly tag this post to both Jio's and Hathway's threads, as it kind of relates to both of them. Okay, so here it is. I'll tell you exactly how it all started... Till yesterday, I was able to access all the torrent sites (link-removed, link-removed...
  2. A

    About MTU Size

    hi til now I thought that the maximum size of MTU is 1472 bites as 28 bites is taken of for some technical useage but today I tested MTU ping results with ACT Fibernet the CMD was able to ping up til 1472 bites how! acording to many articals on the web it should not. I should bee able to...
  3. A

    Lo speeds and high ping my speed should bee 78Mbps and keep in mind this is an FTTH Connection
  4. PoeToaster

    New Connection in Hyderabad

    Just confirmed a new connection on a Sunday @7PM Made a call, sales rep was prompt, everything was online which was a breeze. Connection of FTTH will be made tomorrow, was given an option for extra month for no router. Opted for a router as I don't have one. Will update as it progresses.
  5. A

    YOU Broadband user review in Hyderabad

    applied on saturday the sales guy came and explaned about there FTTH option I told him to come on monday so he did came today morning and took the documents which are needed along with 1947 INR for a plan of 78Mbps with 4000 GB for 4 Munths note:this plan comes with 300 GB for 3 Munths and free...