bill payments

  1. A

    PSA - Internet bill reciept/card

    I am primarily writing this as a Public Service Announcement from a lesson I that was retaught to me today. To start off I always make regular payments of all my bills something I was taught as a kid because the people need the money to run their own businesses or households. Today I was on...
  2. erkupls

    About online broadband bill payment?

    Hi! Does anyone here pay their bill online? I did it yesterday and it got stuck/hanged halfway but it did deducted my money from the bank and it is even showing me in the BSNL portal site that it is pending. But, it has been more than 24 hours and still has not been updated about the bill...
  3. mhsabir

    Recharge & Bill Payment Deals which would work on Airtel

    As all or atleast most of us are aware, that something that Airtel has done (reduced commission etc) all recharge companies & brands have stopped giving offers to the level stating that Airtel is not supported for the offer. This thread would be dedicated for offers which support Airtel & I...