1. madhusudhan7

    Act Fibernet has updated their broadband plans for Bangalore

    ACT Plans have been upgraded in Bangalore but their website & portal somehow don't show this yet, unless you go to the 'Upgrade Plan' section. I called their CC & confirmed the following plans: 1999 - 150Mbps, 350GB 1399 - 90Mbps, 225GB 1149 - 90Mbps, 175GB *Apparently the uploads are still...
  2. Sushubh

    Samsung Technical School

    Samsung establishing two new technical schools in India
  3. ATX

    ACT Fibernet Static IP Performance

    I am ACT customer from Bangalore, and interested to know the drawbacks of the ACT's double NAT setup for Static IP & Port Forwarding. My primary tasks on internet are: Gaming (Dota 2) WebDev / Networks So for me, both ping as well as ability to connect to my local system matters. After reading...
  4. Sushubh

    Vodafone 4G LTE launched in Bangalore

    Vodafone India Rolls Out Of 4G-Ready Sims In Bengaluru