1. business_boy

    Affordable ISP Design Suggestions

    Hello I am from Assam. As some of you might now that this part of India is seriously lacking in Internet connectivity, hence, I along with 2 of my friends have decided to roll out our own ISP in the state. Before moving any further, please allow me to present you the current Internet...
  2. Z

    Why does no broadband ISP come to Assam and NE

    Assam (and other NE states) is now like virtually living in a different country in spite of being part of the same nation. I have been to many parts of India and there is perhaps no part of India as neglected as Assam and NE India. I am from Guwahati and have been a loyal BSNL broadband...
  3. Z

    Super Pathetic Condition of BSNL in Assam

    As most of you know, I have been a BSNL broadband user for nearly 8 years now. I have always been on their relatively high end plans (the least plan in all these years was UL 1350). I am currently on the 2091 ULD plan and was on their 2841 ULD plan a couple of months ago (had to reduce the plan...
  4. SVK

    Assembly Elections 2016

    Election Commission announces poll schedule in five states, counting day is May 19