1. S

    Airtel Xstream Broadband has switched to CG Nat

    Hi, I noticed that the PPPOE IP Address picked up by my ASUS Router which is connected to the Nokia G-2425G-A Fiber Modem in Bridge mode is no longer public The IP Address aquired by the ASUS Router is not of the private range though - 100.65.189.XXX When I check this IP address with...
  2. G

    Reviews of Airtel Fiber in LCO cities

    Hi guys, I’m thinking of shifting from Jio Fiber to Airtel Fiber due to public IPv4, better routing and most importantly the Jio router which needs to be restarted every now and then otherwise internet gets laggy af although speedtest results show everything fine. I have seen an Airtel Patna...
  3. itzmynet

    Disney+ Hotstar VIP free for 1 year with Airtel thanks platinum membership

    Airtel thanks platinum members can now claim 1 year free membership to Disney+ Hotstar VIP
  4. nitinmits

    FTTH 999 plan comparison JIO vs BSNL vs AIRTEL

    Watch and check. BSNL is not behind Source
  5. DaRkLoRdB2

    Airtel Xstream Fiber Broadband in Patna/Bihar

    This would be a dedicated thread for the experiences regarding the newly launched Airtel Xstream Fiber in Patna (LCO City), Bihar. Anyone using the same in Patna, please share your experiences like downtime ,speeds , service , pings, etc. It would be really appreciable. Thanks.
  6. A

    What is the total installation cost of Airtel Xstream internet connection?

    What’s the full installation cost ( Router charge/activation charge, wiring cost etc) of new airtel broadband connection? Is there any discount in installation if I’m current local broadband user and changing to airtel?
  7. Sachin23

    Data Consumption Comparison : Airtel 4G vs Jio 4G

    Hi guys, Posting my personal experience here. I recently moved from Airtel 4G to Jio 4G - was extremely happy with Airtel but had to move due to its lack of support of LTE on smartwatch (on prepaid). Rooted my Oneplus 7 pro so that I can lock bands for better performance on Jio, but that's...
  8. S

    Airtel Xstream Fiber Plus (Airtel Xstream Fiber Mesh)

    And extended wifi coverage ?
  9. openwonder

    Excitel Broadband Lucknow (Indira Nagar) Review !!

    Hello all Today Excitel Fiber has been done to my Home as I switched from Airtel. Tell Me what Tests should I perform on it. Regards Prashant
  10. D

    Airtel broadband bill due date got revised

    Its showing last months paid bill as unpaid and due date as 13th which usually is 22nd of every month. Really confusing no way to contact airtel. Should i pay it now or should i wait ?
  11. S

    Timbl fraud : Capping/throttling speed because of lockdown without any intimation or refund

    Just got 50 Mbps connection ,talked to customer care guy he says speed has been capped at 30 Mbps because of lockdown. This is fraudulent and appalling behaviour. No ISP has capped it's speed . They charged me for 50 Mbps . Such disappointing service . Anyone else facing the issue ? Mention ur...
  12. S

    Port forwarding on Airtel broadband

    Hi, I have Airtel Optic fibre broadband at home in Bangalore, Karnataka The optic fibre connection is connected to an Alcatel Lucent Modem and then to DLink Wifi router I am trying to open a port in my wifi router using port forwarding. But when I set any port and check if the port is open in...
  13. R

    Airtel Black (Airtel Home/One Airtel)

    Airtel has launched new Airtel home plans in few circles (Delhi NCR currently not included) Plans 899 - rs 413 DTH voucher + 85 GB data total (and unlimited calling) for 2 postpaid connections 1399 - 100 Mbps broadband with 500 GB FUP + 85 GB total data (unlimited calling etc.) for 2 postpaid...
  14. geek

    Airtel Xstream Fiber Broadband in Jammu

    Anyone got Airtel Fiber in Jammu ? Reviews please !
  15. B

    Messed up routing or something else?

    I'm on the 999 plan. Ever since I've gotten it (around 4-5 months back) I've had excellent routing with speedtest always showing around 1-3 ms ping to nearest Airtel server. However from last 2-3 days, I have noticed that speedtest does not show the name of my ISP on it but just the IP address...
  16. vpsj

    Airtel migrating me to a new plan without intimation with less data but more speed on Xstream Fiber Broadband

    Hi, I had applied for 999/- plan in January 2019. It was a 100Mbps/500GB Fiber plan. Recently I noticed I was getting 200Mbps speed. I even checked my Airtel App, and my plan is shown as 999/- 525GB - 200Mbps. I was elated. But, then I checked Airtel's website for current FTTH plans for my...
  17. A

    Resolving problems with Airtel VoWiFi, WiFi Calling

    Disclaimer - this is one possible solution, for a specific scenario. This post does not aim to resolve all possible WiFi Calling issues. Posting this here for people who have been trying to resolve issues with WiFi calling not working on Airtel, it took me a really long while to figure this out...
  18. M

    Airtel is offering Netflix+Amazon prime with 100Mbps plan?

    If you go to their site then you will see that these benefits are only given to 200mbps and higher plans but I got their 100Mbps plan few days and I can redeem 3 months of netflix + 1 year amazon prime for free with their airtel app. If anyone has 100Mbps...
  19. manu1991

    Is the Airtel app pushing ads outside the app?

    Just got this after disconnecting a call, is this the Airtel app (more likely) or WhatsApp (less likely) pushing this?
  20. B

    Why can't Airtel provide IPTV?

    Hi, recently got a new airtel ftth connection (999 plan with 200 mbps speed). While fibre is said to enable triple play (and even quad play), why isn't Airtel doing so? Currently, I have 3 lines running into my house - 1 fibre for internet+landline, 1 airtel digital tv and 1 bsnl intercom. At...
  21. Nikhil Sharma

    Airtel Wi-Fi Calling (VoWiFi) launched officially WiFi calling option is available on iPhone (13.1) for AirTel. Looks like Wifi calling is coming.
  22. Crazyguy030601

    Airtel Xstream Fiber Broadband 1gbps ultra plan with unlimited data (~3TB) for Rs. 3999+GST (Rs. 4719)

    Idk if this is a coincidence or not lol, but I noticed a gigabit broadband plan on Airtel’s website
  23. rajan20

    Why Airtel Routing is messed up for Single Hosting servers?

    Hello, There was a issue from Battlefield Gaming Servers hosted by G-portal/Ociris(DDOS Protection Brand), for Airtel Fiber, connection is getting refused as Ociris have Geo Location Block for Airtel Fibernet. I contacted Ociris regarding this and they pretty quick resolved it ! Problem Now ...
  24. U

    Nokia G-140W-C Authorized only Restricted Mac Ids

    Hi all, I have Airtel Broadband connection . Airtel install Nokia G-140W-C . Can you please help in Nokia G-140W-C how to set Authorized only Restricted Mac Ids Regards Yash
  25. alphaCar

    [HELP] Tired of these ISPs - looking for suggestions

    Hello forum peeps! Been an unregistered lurker for some time. My current ISP is Hathway (I'm from Hyd btw) and the service is pathetic. I'm new to Hyderabad and don't know much about the ISP scene here. As the user th4n0s pointed out in this thread, I fell for their scheme and have been...
  26. dragonball

    How does Reliance Jio Fiber compare to Airtel broadband?

    I am using Airtel Fiber 40mbps 100gb per month for 500 rupees. I dont need more than 200gb data per month. Is there any advantage of switching to Jio fiber?
  27. SVK

    Reliance Jio has overtaken Airtel to become the second largest telecom company after Vodafone India
  28. humblefool

    Airtel is really desperate

    Airtel try to manipulate SEO to get attention when people search for JIO Gigafiber Source
  29. A

    Department of Telecommunications has regulations on how long one can stay connected to VPN (and how strong encryption could be)?

    now the Terms had changed it says: 38. The Customer may use VPN and encryption up to the bit length permitted by the Department of Telecommunications. YOU Broadband - Terms & Conditions
  30. airtel_bb_bengaluru

    Airtel appellate or senior level manager contact details?

    Hello all Does anyone have contact number of email of a Senior person at Airtel who I can reach out to with my problem. The normal people are just playing games, calling everyday and wasting my time for a resolution that I have been waiting for 6 years. Each time they call and say sorry there...
  31. Sushubh

    Airtel, Idea and Vodafone seems to have killed unlimited/long-term validity prepaid recharges

    Got this message on vodafone sim today: Even on idea, while I was trying to recharge a friend's prepaid number, the only option was to recharge with a plan that had a fixed validity. And on Airtel too. @mhsabir noticed it recently. It was even on r/india this week. Airtel is threatening to...
  32. D

    Best internet service provider in Ardee City, Sector 52, Gurgaon

    Hi, I recently moved to Gurgaon. I am staying in Ardee City, Sector 52. I want to take a broadband connection. I have no technical knowledge about networks. One of my friend suggested to go for Airtel but i found other ISP with reasonable prices as well. After digging, I am left with four...
  33. Sushubh

    Airtel offering 30GB 4G data to lure 3G users to 4G network

    Airtel offers 30GB free data to those who upgrade to a 4G smartphone | IndiaToday
  34. d5aqoëp

    VoLTE on Airtel India

    iPhone 7 Plus does not switch to 3G while making calls. It now stays on 4G. This means VoLTE has been enabled for many users in Mumbai. For iPhone, there was a Carrier Settings Update and after that, under data options, the option to make calls on 4G appeared. That option needed to be selected...
  35. SVK

    Tata Docomo's Photon and Walky CDMA Service closing on 19-Mar-2018

    Got SMS regaridng this that Tata Photon CDMA based service is closing on 19 March 2018. We can switch to GSM or Port out number. Regarding Photon we have to use our balance data before 19-Mar. I guess its expected since Airtel has acquired Tata, they would close CDMA service to probably use...
  36. Sushubh

    Predatory pricing by mobile service providers in India

  37. Raj

    Carrier Aggregation on Airtel 4G LTE

    Just checked today. Airtel started using 20 + 10 Mhz of Band 40(2300 Mhz) CA in Chennai. Speed was a bit low, maybe because of peak time. Can able to hit 25 Mbps.
  38. sreeji

    Video apps slow on Voda and Jio, but fine on Airtel and Idea

    Access to Netflix, Hotstar etc, as well as Google Play Store (to download apps) are all super slow for me on Jio and Vodafone. But speedtest shows high speeds of 10-15 mbps, on Trai myspeed, Ookla (singapore), Netvelocity etc. See the photo below. It shows a parallel speedtest to
  39. IBF

    Airtel 4G Hotspot

    Source Airtel 4G Hotspot - E5573Cs-609 Portable Wi-Fi Data Device (White) - Buy Airtel 4G Hotspot - E5573Cs-609 Portable Wi-Fi Data Device (White) Online at Low Price in India -
  40. Sushubh

    Airtel TV (Airtel Xstream)

    Airtel TV: Movies, TV series, Live TV - Android Apps on Google Play
  41. R

    How much time does it generally take to get 4G signal on a new sim

    I converted my airtel prepaid number to postpaid yesterday evening but I am not able to latch to 4G network no matter what I do, the new sim activated quite quickly (within 20-30 mins), everything else is working fine.
  42. Saurabh3321

    How to open ports like 80,53 and 443 in Airtel Broadband?

    Hey! I recently got Airtel vFibre 24mbps connection in Chandigarh (switched from BSNL). The airtel guy installed a Binatone modem that I converted into bridge mode (tagged Vlan ID 100) and connected to Netgear router running latest Lede firmware that performs the PPPOE dial. Internet is working...
  43. M

    PSA: New Airtel SIM cards dont require FRC don't fall for them

    When you buy new Airtel SIM or port to their network then you don't require your FRC(First Recharge Coupon) from airtel store or recharge shops. You can pay online and get full benefits. Both airtel store and customer care will lie about it. Last month i ported to their network and yesterday i...
  44. Sushubh

    Celkon Star 4G+

    Check Celkon Star 4G+ Deals on: Flipkart | Amazon | Paytm Airtel launches Celkon Star 4G+ smartphone at an effective price of Rs 1249 : News, News - India Today
  45. SVK

    Aircel planning to close operations in 6 Circles

    Aircel plans to halt services in six loss-making circles - ET Telecom 1 more bites the dust?
  46. J

    Airtel V-Fiber Huawei HG630a modem question

    Hello, I recently asked the Airtel technician who visited my home in Chennai for upgrading my connection from ADSL to V-Fiber. I had a Huawei HG630a modem which was from my previous closed connection and asked him to setup V-Fiber on that same modem. However he denied saying that the Huawei...
  47. B

    Suggestions for cordless phone

    I'm about to get Airtel ftth and they have free calls through landline. I'm planning to get cordless phone so I can allow others to use the phone without disturbing me while working in the room ;) Any suggestions of a good cordless phone is much appreciated
  48. T

    Airtel now giving 2000GB bonus data valid till 21 Nov 2018. Some plan changes too in Jaipur.

    So I got a new Airtel V-Fiber connection on the 19th of November and I got 1000 GB bonus two times (Once on the 20th and again on the 21st). I called Airtel CC to ask about something else (To ask about some plans being upgraded, as some users on this forum were reporting) and they mentioned I...
  49. M

    Extending wifi range

    Hi, I want to increase my wifi range as the binatone wifi is really weak.I have a D-Link wifi modem but it is ADSL ,how can I use binatone modem as primary and D-Link near my usage area's and rooms.
  50. Sushubh

    Airtel deploys Massive MIMO in Bengaluru and Kolkata to get ready for 5G

    Bharti Airtel: Bharti Airtel deploys 5G-ready technology in Bengaluru, Kolkata, Telecom News, ET Telecom i have no idea what this means.