1. itzmynet

    Disney+ Hotstar VIP free for 1 year with Airtel thanks platinum membership

    Airtel thanks platinum members can now claim 1 year free membership to Disney+ Hotstar VIP
  2. nitinmits

    FTTH 999 plan comparison JIO vs BSNL vs AIRTEL

    Watch and check. BSNL is not behind Source
  3. Sachin23

    Data Consumption Comparison : Airtel 4G vs Jio 4G

    Hi guys, Posting my personal experience here. I recently moved from Airtel 4G to Jio 4G - was extremely happy with Airtel but had to move due to its lack of support of LTE on smartwatch (on prepaid). Rooted my Oneplus 7 pro so that I can lock bands for better performance on Jio, but that's...
  4. S

    Airtel Xstream Fiber Plus (Airtel Xstream Fiber Mesh)

    And extended wifi coverage ?
  5. openwonder

    Excitel Broadband Lucknow (Indira Nagar) Review !!

    Hello all Today Excitel Fiber has been done to my Home as I switched from Airtel. Tell Me what Tests should I perform on it. Regards Prashant
  6. heisenberg333

    Airtel broadband bill due date got revised

    Its showing last months paid bill as unpaid and due date as 13th which usually is 22nd of every month. Really confusing no way to contact airtel. Should i pay it now or should i wait ?
  7. S

    Timbl fraud : Capping/throttling speed because of lockdown without any intimation or refund

    Just got 50 Mbps connection ,talked to customer care guy he says speed has been capped at 30 Mbps because of lockdown. This is fraudulent and appalling behaviour. No ISP has capped it's speed . They charged me for 50 Mbps . Such disappointing service . Anyone else facing the issue ? Mention ur...
  8. S

    Port forwarding on Airtel broadband

    Hi, I have Airtel Optic fibre broadband at home in Bangalore, Karnataka The optic fibre connection is connected to an Alcatel Lucent Modem and then to DLink Wifi router I am trying to open a port in my wifi router using port forwarding. But when I set any port and check if the port is open in...
  9. aatuif

    Airtel Xstream Fiber Broadband in Jammu

    Anyone got Airtel Fiber in Jammu ? Reviews please !
  10. B

    Messed up routing or something else?

    I'm on the 999 plan. Ever since I've gotten it (around 4-5 months back) I've had excellent routing with speedtest always showing around 1-3 ms ping to nearest Airtel server. However from last 2-3 days, I have noticed that speedtest does not show the name of my ISP on it but just the IP address...