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  1. Nikhil Sharma

    Airtel Wi-Fi Calling (VoWiFi) launched officially WiFi calling option is available on iPhone (13.1) for AirTel. Looks like Wifi calling is coming.
  2. V

    Airtel Customer Service Issue (Worst Service ever)

    Hi, I have ported from Docomo to Airtel on 1st of this month to my plan infinity 1999 and i had an issue while porting. The outgoing calls where working, where as my incoming calls and SMS service also was not working. They took one and half week to solve the issues after escalating almost...
  3. alphaomega

    Airtel 4G Speeds around the country

    Airtel is predominantly the leader in 4G space, with their first mover advantage, in India. It will be interesting to note the real world speeds of their network at different locations in India. Let us pool the speeds under this title so that it turns out be some kind of general reference...
  4. F

    Major Airtel 4G issue: No internet while on voice call

    So i've been using Airtel 4G in Delhi/NCR for over a month and sometime back I realised that while I am on a call, I cannot use internet in parallel. It used to work fine while I was on 3G. This is a major issue. If you ask me why I need to do that, here are some use cases: 1. While in a cab...