airtel broadband

  1. milanpandey

    Airtel Fiber: Nokia G-140WC router USB not working

    Hi, I recently relocated in Gurgaon from one locality to another and here Airtel have optical fiber connection so they upgraded my router to Nokia G-140WC which have 2 USB ports. However when i connect my external hard drive or pen-drive, it doesn't work. It doesn't show in the router admin...
  2. airtel_bb_bengaluru

    Airtel appellate or senior level manager contact details?

    Hello all Does anyone have contact number of email of a Senior person at Airtel who I can reach out to with my problem. The normal people are just playing games, calling everyday and wasting my time for a resolution that I have been waiting for 6 years. Each time they call and say sorry there...
  3. R

    Does free Airtel VDSL router becomes our property after six months of a new VDSL connection?

    I took an airtel vdsl connection last year and then terminated it after 8 months or so. While talking to retension department I told them to take back "their" vdsl router which they provided me for free at the time of connection and they said they will take it within 7 days. But when nobody came...
  4. airtel_bb_bengaluru

    Airtel broadband/landline billing scam!!! Read on!!

    Hi Guys I would like to share my experience that I have had with Airtel. I' have been a customer of Airtel broadband for close to 12 years now. Started off with the 128 kbps back then to recently getting an upgrade after repeated requests to 40 mbps V-Fiber. Took all the energy out of me to get...
  5. dvinfosoft

    Smartbyte page show running Out of Data

    Hey Guys I am airtel broadband consumer and my smartbyte data not show my browser or screen. so what reason please better suggestion for me solve this problem.....
  6. A

    Malware Code Injection on Airtel Broadband

    From past few days I'm facing strange issue on Airtel Broadband and this is happening in both my airtel connections in home & office. This is happening randomly and very frequently. Once I refresh the page, it's gone. As of now I don't have much details about it but I'll post more details as I...
  7. A

    Anyone using IPv6 on Airtel Broadband?

    Yesterday, I spoke to customer care regarding IPv6 availability and they told that after 1-2 months we have an option to pay ₹900 for the fiber modem and the line will be rewired to fiber, which will support IPv6. I'm not sure about this because a week before the local service engineer told me...
  8. T

    Airtel denying service after multiple requests.

    Hi All I recently joined India Broadband Forum, I live in Bangalore Yeshwanthpur area and I am currently using BSNL BB with 8mbps down and 0.6Mbps up, I am trying to switch to Airtel form 2016 but whenever I apply they keep denying me service stating no fesability in my area I have located a few...
  9. Veejay

    Airtel broadband optical line goes red each time power goes. Doesn't connect again

    Hi. I have been facing this issue for a while now. Every time power goes and the backup is switched on, my optical line is red. It doesn't switch on. Then suddenly it switches on. The Airtel engineer seems to be clueless and is giving me varied reasons each time. What could be the trouble...
  10. A

    Airtel now offers 75 MBPS for Rs. 999 as well as 20% discount on Annual rental plans in Chennai

    Airtel now offers speeds upto 75MBPS (Earlier 40 MBPS) for Rs. 999. Also 20% discount on advance annual rental plans.