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  1. G

    Reviews of Airtel Fiber in LCO cities

    Hi guys, I’m thinking of shifting from Jio Fiber to Airtel Fiber due to public IPv4, better routing and most importantly the Jio router which needs to be restarted every now and then otherwise internet gets laggy af although speedtest results show everything fine. I have seen an Airtel Patna...
  2. P

    Airtel is forcing Amazon Prime on base plans in some cities by increasing plan pricing

    I am just checking airtel app and found this. That they are offering amazon prime in 589. (499 plan) is it true. Please check the attached photo
  3. NME9877

    Help me decide between JioFiber, Airtel & Excitel.

    Hey guys, I am currently using 1)Excitel Broadband, Not the Fiber connection tho, from the past 5 years. It has been working okay, I mean like people say, that it depends upon the local isp in your area in the case of Excitel, it works 85-90% of the time. 2) Airtel(non v-fiber connection)- I...
  4. DaRkLoRdB2

    Airtel Xstream Fiber Broadband in Patna/Bihar

    This would be a dedicated thread for the experiences regarding the newly launched Airtel Xstream Fiber in Patna (LCO City), Bihar. Anyone using the same in Patna, please share your experiences like downtime ,speeds , service , pings, etc. It would be really appreciable. Thanks.
  5. A

    What is the total installation cost of Airtel Xstream internet connection?

    What’s the full installation cost ( Router charge/activation charge, wiring cost etc) of new airtel broadband connection? Is there any discount in installation if I’m current local broadband user and changing to airtel?
  6. R

    Airtel Xstream fiber expanding to Kottayam

    Good news for all Kottayam'ns as Airtel updated their site with Kottayam as available locality! Though I am not sure of which all PINCODE's i think while contacting customer care they mentioned first 100 kottayam pin's or more. Worth checking out because i used to be on V-fiber in Kochi and the...
  7. openwonder

    Excitel Broadband Lucknow (Indira Nagar) Review !!

    Hello all Today Excitel Fiber has been done to my Home as I switched from Airtel. Tell Me what Tests should I perform on it. Regards Prashant
  8. D

    Airtel broadband bill due date got revised

    Its showing last months paid bill as unpaid and due date as 13th which usually is 22nd of every month. Really confusing no way to contact airtel. Should i pay it now or should i wait ?
  9. geek

    Airtel Xstream Fiber Broadband in Jammu

    Anyone got Airtel Fiber in Jammu ? Reviews please !
  10. R

    Nokia G-140W-F bridge mode?

    Hello, I had my connection changed from DSL to FTTH and Airtel gave me a Nokia router. The model comes with the following WAN config, Under WAN settings I created a new connection with IPOE mode and same VLAN 100, Also I changed the port 4 to Bridge mode. The router restarts at this...
  11. A

    Resolving problems with Airtel VoWiFi, WiFi Calling

    Disclaimer - this is one possible solution, for a specific scenario. This post does not aim to resolve all possible WiFi Calling issues. Posting this here for people who have been trying to resolve issues with WiFi calling not working on Airtel, it took me a really long while to figure this out...
  12. Crazyguy030601

    Airtel Xstream Fiber Broadband 1gbps ultra plan with unlimited data (~3TB) for Rs. 3999+GST (Rs. 4719)

    Idk if this is a coincidence or not lol, but I noticed a gigabit broadband plan on Airtel’s website
  13. milanpandey

    Airtel Fiber: Nokia G-140WC router USB not working

    Hi, I recently relocated in Gurgaon from one locality to another and here Airtel have optical fiber connection so they upgraded my router to Nokia G-140WC which have 2 USB ports. However when i connect my external hard drive or pen-drive, it doesn't work. It doesn't show in the router admin...
  14. airtel_bb_bengaluru

    Airtel appellate or senior level manager contact details?

    Hello all Does anyone have contact number of email of a Senior person at Airtel who I can reach out to with my problem. The normal people are just playing games, calling everyday and wasting my time for a resolution that I have been waiting for 6 years. Each time they call and say sorry there...
  15. R

    Does free Airtel VDSL router becomes our property after six months of a new VDSL connection?

    I took an airtel vdsl connection last year and then terminated it after 8 months or so. While talking to retension department I told them to take back "their" vdsl router which they provided me for free at the time of connection and they said they will take it within 7 days. But when nobody came...
  16. airtel_bb_bengaluru

    Airtel broadband/landline billing scam!!! Read on!!

    Hi Guys I would like to share my experience that I have had with Airtel. I' have been a customer of Airtel broadband for close to 12 years now. Started off with the 128 kbps back then to recently getting an upgrade after repeated requests to 40 mbps V-Fiber. Took all the energy out of me to get...
  17. dvinfosoft

    Smartbyte page show running Out of Data

    Hey Guys I am airtel broadband consumer and my smartbyte data not show my browser or screen. so what reason please better suggestion for me solve this problem.....
  18. D

    Malware Code Injection on Airtel Broadband

    From past few days I'm facing strange issue on Airtel Broadband and this is happening in both my airtel connections in home & office. This is happening randomly and very frequently. Once I refresh the page, it's gone. As of now I don't have much details about it but I'll post more details as I...
  19. T

    Airtel denying service after multiple requests.

    Hi All I recently joined India Broadband Forum, I live in Bangalore Yeshwanthpur area and I am currently using BSNL BB with 8mbps down and 0.6Mbps up, I am trying to switch to Airtel form 2016 but whenever I apply they keep denying me service stating no fesability in my area I have located a few...
  20. Veejay

    Airtel broadband optical line goes red each time power goes. Doesn't connect again

    Hi. I have been facing this issue for a while now. Every time power goes and the backup is switched on, my optical line is red. It doesn't switch on. Then suddenly it switches on. The Airtel engineer seems to be clueless and is giving me varied reasons each time. What could be the trouble...
  21. A

    Airtel now offers 75 MBPS for Rs. 999 as well as 20% discount on Annual rental plans in Chennai

    Airtel now offers speeds upto 75MBPS (Earlier 40 MBPS) for Rs. 999. Also 20% discount on advance annual rental plans. -- dead tinypic image removed -- -- dead tinypic image removed --
  22. ShanksZ

    Airtel Broadband giving 500-1000GB additional data to all customers. But you need to call them up!

    Well New offers for new subscribers Bonus dat a tho site showing this only in Delhi Gurgaon Noida Faridabad Ghaziabad.
  23. Ryan

    Routing Issues With Airtel V Fiber?

    Hey guys. Over the last week or so I seem to be having some routing issues with Airtel. For example, takes too long to respond. Almost like it is a dns issue so I changed it to the open DBS ne. I think it is still there. Upon connecting to a VPN though I am able to access rue...
  24. N

    How to configure Dlink DSL-2877AL for Airtel VDSL

    I have just migrated from existing ADSL plan to new VDSL. Earlier I was using my personal router Dlink DSL-2877AL, After upgrade to fibernet new Huawei HG630. But this router is single band and operates only on 2.4GHz. Please suggest how to configure my Dlink DSL-2877AL to use with Airtel...
  25. Just another user

    Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore - Which Internet Service Provider do you use?

    Looking for feedback from users to find good alternatives in this particular area in Bangalore. Would appreciate reviews that specify - Service provider: Plan, speed and limits: Price per month: Customer service quality: Airtel 2 MBPS (Upto 80GB, After that 512Kbps) Rs. 1450 Customer...
  26. prajasatish

    Airtel Broadband | mystical box hat Airtel install in apartment buildings

    Hi All, Airtel Broadband team visited my apartment and had a discussion for setting up mystical box (or device or whatever) that Airtel install in apartment buildings usually in the basement. I was wondering if anyone here some one know that HOW MUCH RENT and other BENEFITS we can DEMAND? Can...
  27. K

    Airtel Broadband Experiences in Mumbai

    Hi, Does any one use Airtel Broadband in Mumbai. Can you highlight some of your experiences of using it in Mumbai ?
  28. A

    Is Airtel really giving Unlimited Internet for 3 months ?

    I wanted a new ISP (Unluckily Airtel) as a "UPGRADE" from Reliance, and while checking the Airtel website, I saw this : GET UNLIMITED INTERNET FOR 3 MONTHS ON Rs.1099 AND ABOVE PLANS Can anyone tell me about this ?
  29. Sushubh

    TP-Link TL-R480T+ Load Balance Broadband Router

    Check TP-Link TL-R480T+ Deals on: Flipkart | Amazon | Snapdeal | Paytm Rs. 4250 on Amazon today This arrived today and seems to be working fine. Though I realized the mistake soon enough. Ethernet ports in the front means that it is not really suited for home use. Designed for server racks. I...
  30. R

    Airtel Broadband Connection at Noida Extension

    Hi All, Good afternoon. Actually I have been moving to Gaur City in Noida Extension and am wondering whether Airtel provides their Broadband Internet Connection at Noida Extension or not. Is there anyone who has this information. Please share. Thanks in advance. Thanks, Rahul
  31. A

    Mobile Connection to WiFi Taking Time

    Hi This is regarding wifi connection from mobile phone to the wifi router. Recently any mobile trying to connect to my wifi router takes time to connect. This problem was non-existent a month back, That was when I changed some wifi router settings based on instructions from the airtel service...
  32. Sushubh

    TRAI response to RTI related to differential pricing in different areas in same city

    Questions asked: Copy of policy guidelines authorizing telecom operators to refuse a particular plan to customers in some part(s) of the city which is otherwise being offered in other part(s) of the same city. If, the above policy guidelines are not available, please give me the name...
  33. genie

    Airtel-UL-PowerData 3000 500gb: Airtel Offered Me A 500gb Plan

    Location: Bangalore Last night I got a call from Airtel offering me 500GB / 8mbps for Rs 3000+taxes per month. I would had to pay rs 1000 more than my existing plan 150gb/8mbps and I do not consume even 150GB so I refused. But I was stupid enough to agree to 200GB/8mbps plan for Rs 2399...
  34. Sushubh

    Airtel's MITM on CloudFlare

    Source The reason why T P B does not load over SSL is that they are not using SSL between their servers and CloudFlare's which is where Airtel is doing the MITM attack as per this article. At least that's what I got from it.
  35. Raviteja

    What's the latest firmware for 450TC2 beetel modem?

    Current Firmware Version:TX6-0Q-005_Retail If I connect my phone to wifi and leave the phone without using net for sometime and when I use it again net wont work either I need to off and on my wifi in mobile or restart the modem. I'm sure the problem is from router.How to fix it? I think...
  36. V

    How is Airtel Broadband service in Whitefield Area ?

    I have recently relocated to Whitefield area near Mayura bakery. Can anyone please share the review of Airtel Broadband in that area ? You can also let me know any other ISP that is better in whitefield area. Thanks in advance for your replies :)
  37. P

    Charts-ACT broadband leads subscriber additions in 2016- Airtel fights back

    Check this below link and chart to know the market share of top wireline broadband providers in India. ACT broadband comes 4th and will overtake MTNL to be 3rd next year. since Airtel also adding subscribers fast, it will take many years for ACT to overtake Airtel unless they upgrade their GB...
  38. V

    Greedy Airtel cheating existing customers

    My experience with airtel: — History: I was a happy mobile, broadband customer in bangalore with airtel for many years.;suggested airtel to many friends. So i wanted landline also from airtel. Experience: 23-apr-2016 I called customer care telephone number and requested for 1) a plan upgrade...
  39. P

    Best VFM ISP in Gurgaon??

    hello, people! i live in gurgaon and am currently using bsnl's pathetic broadband service. i have had enough of their shitty internet now, and am planning to change my connection. i have shortlisted airtel and railwire broadband till now.. both of them seem to be reliable and have good enough...
  40. S

    Airtel's response to thier higher pricing in Delhi.

    Today I tweeted Airtel to ask them why their tariffs so high as compared to those in Hyderabad. sent messaged them my contact number. But got no response except " Thanks for sharing your contact number, we will surely look into this and connect with you to share an update. Regards, Neetu "...
  41. MrRobot

    Airtel or Reliance ?

    Airtel : Rs 1199/- + Rs99/- (Upto 4 Mbps till 5 GB thereafter 512 Kbps and unlimited calling) Reliance : Rs1249/- (4Mbps without FUP) How is your your experience with any of these. I'm currently in Gurgaon.
  42. Sushubh

    Airtel: 64kbps is appropriate definition of broadband in India

  43. G

    Advice: Which Modem to Buy

    I need some expert advice to buy a Wireless Modem for my home. My home is a 3 bedroom apartment with over 2000 sq ft. My Airtel Broadband connection is in one corner of the house. I want to know which wireless modem should i invest that will give me good airtel signal and speed at the other...
  44. M

    No ISP in Sector 46, Gurgaon ?

    Hi All, I am really baffled and need some of your help and advice. I have moved in Sector 46, Gurgaon and inquired Airtel, TriplePlay, You Broadband, Spectranet and DEN for their broadband and wifi services in the area and was shocked that all of them said they don't provide services in the...
  45. Sushubh

    Airtel's Go Green Initiative just cost me Rs. 3

  46. D

    Airtel Giving Speed 4Mbps after FUP

    hello friends i am a new member of this forum so i am sorry if i post something wrong I am facing a weird Problem well not a problem(its a blessing) I am using 999 plan of airtel which give 4Mbps speed till 15GB then it gets reduced to 512Kbps.So the thing is that whenever i have any powercut...
  47. Sushubh

    Airtel salespeople are defacing private property to promote their contact numbers

    This happened at my friend's place. They did not bother taking permissions. Hung the cards with metal wires cutting into plants at the back.
  48. ganesh177

    Torrent sites blocked on airtel.

    So for most of the torrent sites i get this message. So is their any work around ? And is airtel alone in blocking these torrent sites |
  49. jason29

    How to get an Airtel Broadband connection?

    Anyone had any luck in taking a new Airtel connection. For me nothing works well...:cry::cry:
  50. S

    Apple App Store downloads are super slow on Airtel Broadband

    Hi just for yesterday and today (I've Airtel broadband) the downloading of apps/apps update from the Apple appstore has been extremely slow! Even to download 6-7 mb is taking 30 minutes or more. I have 16mbps plan. Is there anyone else with Airtel broadband who is having the same issue...