airtel 4g

  1. MadAxe

    Carrier Aggregation on Airtel on Redmi K20 Pro

    Since the last two months I have noticed that I am not getting Carrier Aggregation on Airtel Postpaid on Band 40 on my Redmi K20 Pro. Earlier I used to get 40 Mbps and above with CA. Since August I am not getting CA and speeds seem to be capped at 15 Mbps. I feel Airtel is throttling the speeds...
  2. NikhilS

    Airtel Wi-Fi Calling (VoWiFi) launched officially WiFi calling option is available on iPhone (13.1) for AirTel. Looks like Wifi calling is coming.
  3. fairusagepfft

    Airtel 4G hotspot throttling?

    A while back, I had purchased the Airtel 4G hotspot when they still had their 100GB plans. Unfortunately, 100GB is too low, and I have very poor coverage from Jio in my area. So I enquired whether I could upgrade the plan, and they asked me to buy a new SIM and put in the hotspot. This SIM has...
  4. Raj

    Carrier Aggregation on Airtel 4G LTE

    Just checked today. Airtel started using 20 + 10 Mhz of Band 40(2300 Mhz) CA in Chennai. Speed was a bit low, maybe because of peak time. Can able to hit 25 Mbps.
  5. pprabhu

    Recharge same plan twice

    I was wondering if we recharge the same plan twice, will we get double FUP? For example 349 plan is now giving 2.5 GB per day, if I recharge this twice, will I get 5 GB per day or will Airtel simply take your money, but retain only 2.5GB per day?
  6. IBF

    Airtel 4G Hotspot

    Source Airtel 4G Hotspot - E5573Cs-609 Portable Wi-Fi Data Device (White) - Buy Airtel 4G Hotspot - E5573Cs-609 Portable Wi-Fi Data Device (White) Online at Low Price in India -
  7. LordSpymaster

    How do I ensure that I buy a never used Prepaid number from Airtel?

    Guys, I am going to purchase a new Prepaid connection and for that is there any way to check if anyone used to own that number before? One way is to check truecaller, but what about others? Thanks! Edit: Title should say ensure
  8. C

    airtel miss can alert

    I'd keep getting miss call sms wherever i was out of signals but for a quite while I've noticed I'm no more getting those sms's about the missed calls, airtel have been giving mca service pre-activated for all users but what happened now? i checked my call settings in the dialer app & all call...
  9. S

    Airtel 4G E5172 LTE Router

    Dear all, Am planing to purchase a Airtel 4G E5172 LTE Router, does this router work near 3G locations with a 4G SIM ? if you have any suggestions please let me know. Kind Regards subhash
  10. A

    Big issues with Airtel 4G dongle internet services

    I am in the second month of the subscription of the Airtel 4G for 75 GB. I use it mostly for my work and in the evening I watch some low resolution videos in youtube and I never download any movie or a big file. Always I switch off the dongle when I dont use it The 75 GB are enough for 10...
  11. Sushubh

    Airtel 3G would soon give 4G like speeds

    I think airtel is confused. Their 4G gives 3G like speeds.
  12. Sushubh

    Airtel to offer Ditto TV as video service to counter Reliance JioTV

    It is linked from the myAirtel app already. Bharti Airtel partners Ditto TV to counter Reliance's Jio TV | ET Telecom
  13. Sushubh

    Airtel 4G LTE

  14. D

    Airtel 4g Dongle with Mac OS X 10.11 (aka El Capitan) - Solution

    Hi All! I purchased an Airtel 4g Dongle and the installer provided with it does NOT work on Mac OS X 10.11 (also known as El Capitan). The Dongle I have is a Huawei 3372h-607. I've posted step by step instructions here for others. The same procedure should help most other Huawei USB Dongles...
  15. V

    Airtel Customer Service Issue (Worst Service ever)

    Hi, I have ported from Docomo to Airtel on 1st of this month to my plan infinity 1999 and i had an issue while porting. The outgoing calls where working, where as my incoming calls and SMS service also was not working. They took one and half week to solve the issues after escalating almost...
  16. alphaomega

    Airtel 4G Speeds around the country

    Airtel is predominantly the leader in 4G space, with their first mover advantage, in India. It will be interesting to note the real world speeds of their network at different locations in India. Let us pool the speeds under this title so that it turns out be some kind of general reference...
  17. A

    Availibility of Reliance jio 4G Broadband in Pune

    I am on temporarily visit to US and will be returning to India in early December 2015. Would like to have a fastest available Broadband connection. Is Reliance Jio is offering 4G service in Pune, particularly Karvenagar area.Which type- Fixed line or Dongle type would be better? Also whether...
  18. SVK

    Need details about Idea Broadband

    I currently use Tata Photon and Idea 3G over WiFi through Huawei dongle as source of Internet connection. Photon is for Laptop usage while Idea 3G is for Smartphones at home. But its costs around Rs 600 or more for 2 connections. So I am thinking to switch to Broadband connection. Unfortunately...
  19. R

    DO NOT BUY AIRTEL 4G --- you will cry & waste it.

    NEW DONGLE - Not working at all. No one listening. Challenging AIRTEL 4G challenge. Most Pathetic service of AIRTEL 4G. got new number from Airtel Showroom BTM layout 5 days for activation, even after verification. Everytime they say, Supervisor will call in 30 mins. Not getting even 10 KBPS...
  20. B

    Airtel 4g in jaipur

    i have heared airtel is launching 4g in jaipur is this news real
  21. F

    Major Airtel 4G issue: No internet while on voice call

    So i've been using Airtel 4G in Delhi/NCR for over a month and sometime back I realised that while I am on a call, I cannot use internet in parallel. It used to work fine while I was on 3G. This is a major issue. If you ask me why I need to do that, here are some use cases: 1. While in a cab...