airtel 3g

  1. S

    Airtel 4G E5172 LTE Router

    Dear all, Am planing to purchase a Airtel 4G E5172 LTE Router, does this router work near 3G locations with a 4G SIM ? if you have any suggestions please let me know. Kind Regards subhash
  2. Sushubh

    Airtel 3G would soon give 4G like speeds

    I think airtel is confused. Their 4G gives 3G like speeds.
  3. Sushubh

    Airtel Prepaid 3G Data Carry Forward

    Got this sms today. It does not provide many details. Idea required data recharges to be 1GB or less. Anyone here has any clue?
  4. moindear

    Airtel joins MTNL. Insert their own code in your browsing sessions. On 3G for now.

    Source Airtel has become sneaky in 3G Service