adsl bsnl config

  1. X

    BSNL Broadband is playing with data downstream rate (10mbps for all?)

    So in the recent past I have noticed BSNL in my area was unstable and most of the time it kept playing with the data downstream rate ranging over 7 to 10 Mbps, even 2 mbps sometimes ( very rarely) And it took a disconnection to for things to normalise , now these kept happening for these last 2...
  2. vedula.k95

    Need help with configuring ADSL for BSNL.

    Hello forum, Been using BSNL for 2 years with the setup of default ethernet modem + Asus RT n10e,a week ago the whole setup was working fine,until yesterday my ASUS router gave up,My dad's friend had a extra modem Supernet DSLW 200 which I guess is the default Wifi modem which comes with BSNL,I...