act broadband

  1. Sushubh

    Act Fibernet has launched in Delhi

  2. V

    How is ACT fibernet in whitefield ??

    Is ACT fibernet reliable in whitefield area ? I have recently reloacted to whitefield near Mayura bakery. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your prompt replies :)
  3. P

    Charts-ACT broadband leads subscriber additions in 2016- Airtel fights back

    Check this below link and chart to know the market share of top wireline broadband providers in India. ACT broadband comes 4th and will overtake MTNL to be 3rd next year. since Airtel also adding subscribers fast, it will take many years for ACT to overtake Airtel unless they upgrade their GB...
  4. P

    simple method for bypassing ACT broadband Portal for instant login and reliability

    I am using ACT broadband from last 3 months in bangalore and from my and friends review it is very good .....for reliable and fast connection you need to ensure that you login not from ACT portal which has problem many times and slow to load but by creating shortcut using these steps 1) go to...
  5. J

    Did ACT broadband is good?

    I not clear about ACT using ,how speed is?
  6. T

    ud day Frnds, Reviews-RAILWIRE ISP - Hasthinpuram,Chrompet

    Good day friends, I stay in HASTHINAPURAM, Near Chrompet-Chennai. Exact Location- near hasthinapuram Bus Stand. I have been using BSNL broadband for long long time & i am completely unhappy with it. So Unprofessional, So much interruptions, Low Ethics. Gone beyond limits. So i decided to...
  7. N

    BEWARE ACT is adding false GBs to FUP (download limit) usage

    I was very careful to not use my FUP early and I had used around 3 to 4 GB at around 5th May afternoon. A while later when I checked my usage it had shot up to 24 GB. I had not downloaded anything or watched any videos or listened to any music or done anything which would have used this much. I...
  8. M

    Bad user experiences with ACT Fibernet Broadband

    Complaints made to act customer care Since June 2014.. 1 11-May-2014 20:28:21 08042840000 03:22 6.00 ** 2 01-Jun-2014 16:51:42 08042840000 05:58 9.00 ** 3 01-Jun-2014 17:20:53 08042840000 06:48 10.50 ** 4 01-Jun-2014 19:02:55 08042840000 02:09 4.50 ** 5 01-Jun-2014 23:48:36 08042840000 00:15...
  9. Jay

    YouTube streaming/downloads is throttled on Act Broadband

    Anyone else experiencing serious issues with YouTube in Bangalore? I can't get through a simple 720p video without constant buffering. Often the quality drops to 144p or simply fails to buffer. Happening since December 1st and only with youtube and not other streaming websites causing me to...
  10. V

    ACT Pathetic service in New Thippasandra, Bangalore

    I subscribed for ACT fibernet 50mbps broadband connection on August, 2015. For two months the connection was working fine without disruption. Now, for the past 1 week there is no internet connection. On contacting the ACT service center initially they said that, there is a problem with LCO (I...