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    How to get a PVC Aadhaar Card for Rs. 50 from UIDAI?

    I went to the Home - Unique Identification Authority of India | Government of India site today & noticed that you can order you aadhar as an 'Aadhar card' made of PVC. Don't know when they came up with this idea. Should have done it right from inception.
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    Surveillance in India

    https://citizenlab.org/2013/03/you-only-click-twice-finfishers-global-proliferation-2/ indian ip is coming from host gator http://www.theverge.com/2013/3/13/4098592/spying-software-finspy-finfisher-25-countries-human-rights-concerns
  3. Sushubh

    Aadhaar (Movie)

    Aadhaar starring Vineet Kumar Singh to be shot in Deoghar, Jharkhand- Cinema express
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    #ChitrAadhaar - Twitter Search People are dedicated songs to Aadhaar tonight.
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    Illeffects of BJP Govt's despotic attitude and behaviour?

    Deposit, lending rates set to rise: SBI report The reasons could be 1. "SC refuses to extend Aadhaar linking deadline" 2. Citizens hesitant to link Aadhaar details with e-commerce, digital wallets 3. Aadhaar linkage deadline: Mar 31. Waiting list for registration: May-end...
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    Tech2 Talks: Digital rights activist, Nikhil Pahwa explains what's wrong with Aadhaar and how to fix it

    Digital rights activist, Nikhil Pahwa explains what's wrong with Aadhaar and how to fix it
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    Maoists may be using villagers’ Aadhaar cards to open bank accounts, procure SIM cards

    Maoists may be using villagers’ Aadhaar cards to open bank accounts, procure SIM cards
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    Aadhaar turning educated Indians into Digital Anguthachaaps, first Airtel now this.

    The dangers of instant Aadhaar authentication for India's 1-minute loan market Aadhaar Mess: How Airtel Pulled Off Its Rs 190 Crore Magic Trick Angutha lelo aur kahi bhi lagalo.
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    EFF.org: Can India's Biometric Identity Program Aadhaar Be Fixed?

    Can India's Biometric Identity Program Aadhaar Be Fixed? Lets not fall prey to sunk cost fallacy.
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    The sorry state of Indian government's cyber security.

    Cakewalk for French tech-wiz, Aadhaar and Telangana portal easy hack The chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
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    Aadhaar linkage to banks is facilitating crimes.

    If well educated and well informed people like a retired IAS officer and State Election Commissioner can be duped/robbed then how safe is a common man's life savings in a bank, when it is connected to Aadhaar? Fraudulent transactions: Fazilka man held for duping retired IAS officer of Rs 50,000...
  12. Sushubh

    PhonePe requires Aadhaar for KYC of Wallet (Update: Limited KYC without Aadhaar now possible)

    I am guessing just like Mobikwik, Aadhaar is not mandatory but PhonePe is forcing it to keep it simple for themselves.
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    Orange Passports

    Coming soon: orange passports sans parents’ names - The Hindu Passport would soon become invalid as proof of residence. Aadhaar Aadhaar Everywhere.
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    Troy Hunt piece on UIDAI

    Troy Hunt: Is India's Aadhaar System Really "Hack-Proof"? Assessing a Publicly Observable Security Posture he mostly focuses on the website security and how well it is being managed.
  15. Sushubh

    Reliance Jio seems to be not updating Aadhaar Number linked to mobile number when it is transferred to new owner due to inactive status

    Source unused sim. number transferred to another person. number is still linked to older aadhaar number. win win win.
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    Micro-ATM interchange fee rates

    micro-ATM: Fight on over micro-ATM interchange fee rates - The Economic Times
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    Aadhaar is now mandatory for National Nutrition Mission

    Aadhaar required for availing food under nutrition mission | india-news | Hindustan Times
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    Mozilla is asking for your Aadhaar story

    Share your Aadhaar stories:
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    Companies have started using Aadhaar for identity verification of new hires

    More companies use Aadhaar to verify new hires - Times of India
  20. Sushubh

    Police State powered by Aadhaar

    Source Centre to police: Nudge people to achieve goals of demonetisation – The Indian Express
  21. Nishant

    Aadhaar will be linked with driver's licence soon

    'Soon, Aadhaar to be linked with driver's licence,' says Union minister RS Prasad - Times of India
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    mAadhaar - Android Apps on Google Play
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    UIDAI to spend Rs. 30 crores to improve its image

    Prepare for propaganda storm. That you would pay for through your life. UIDAI set for an image makeover, to spend Rs 30 crore for its media campaign - The Economic Times
  24. Sushubh

    Electronic Frontier Foundation on Aadhaar

    Aadhaar: Ushering in a Commercialized Era of Surveillance in India
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    CBSE asking affiliated schools to open Aadhaar Enrollment Centers

  26. IBF

    BHIM Aadhaar

    This is just so so bad. Source
  27. Sushubh

    MeitY admits on record that Aadhaar data has been leaked by agencies

    Government admits your Aadhaar data has been leaked
  28. Sushubh

    Draft notice of contempt letters for organizations demanding aadhaar for providing services

    Resisting violations of the Supreme Court Orders on Aadhaar It's not really going to do anything but it certainly make life hard for them as you can file a RTI seeking progress on your contempt notice after a week or two.
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    UIDAI: Warning against printing of plastic Aadhaar cards

    So far found these two websites- http://myaadhaarcard.com/#one Print plastic aadhaar card online,aadhaar pvc plastic card online
  30. Sushubh

    UIDAI: Be secretive with your Aadhaar Number

  31. Nishant

    Aadhaar Card to be made compulsory for train ticket bookings

    You may need Aadhaar to book rail tickets soon
  32. Sushubh

    Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad to use Aadhaar for e-boarding

    Hyderabad's RGIA becomes first airport to offer e-boarding facility - The Economic Times
  33. Sushubh

    Schools are installing Aadhaar machines to 'ensure that every student has an Aadhaar card'

    Aadhaar card machines at six schools - The Times of India I would love to know if they are taking parent's approval before recording biometric data of kids who have no knowledge of what's going on. This is what we get where people have no right to privacy.
  34. Sushubh

    UIDAI: 93% of Aadhaar Card users applied for it voluntarily

    93 p.c. adults voluntarily possess Aadhaar: UIDAI - The Hindu
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    Modi Government now makes Aadhaar mandatory for registering a new business

    Modi government makes Aadhaar number compulsory for budding entrepreneurs to register new business — economictimes.indiatimes.com Just the latest example of the government making a mockery of the Supreme Court judgment. Should be held in contempt.
  36. Sushubh

    Gurgaon makes Aadhaar compulsory for new and existing LPG connections

    I have no idea how this is even legal. Gurgaon announces mandatory Aadhaar cards for LPG connections - The Economic Times So the guy is pretty much admitting that this is a form of blackmail to get people to get their aadhaar cards.
  37. Sushubh

    Aadhaar being used by scamsters to fool people out of their money

    Government wants you to connect your aadhaar card to your bank account right? Scamsters are using this to scam people out of their monie. Aadhaar turning a trump card for online fraudsters - The Times of India
  38. W

    Right to Privacy is now a fundamental right in India

    YEs!!!! finally we will have a privacy bill and it will be more powerful that some european countries!!! The Telegraph - Calcutta (Kolkata) | Nation | Privacy muscle to protect identity they have copied the Canadian model! " If enacted, the privacy act will clear the way for setting up the...
  39. Sushubh

    Ministry of Human Resource Development: Use Aadhaar in place of roll number for exams

    Aadhaar may soon replace roll numbers - The Hindu
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    Aadhaar (UIDAI) News & Updates

    the govts plans to have a biometric national id cards for everyone by 2010.In usa the real id act is facing fierce resistance as 20 states have signed legislation opposition this as well in UK as groups like defyid and no2id.THis national id card makes india a police state,mass surveillance...