1. M

    PSA: New Airtel SIM cards dont require FRC don't fall for them

    When you buy new Airtel SIM or port to their network then you don't require your FRC(First Recharge Coupon) from airtel store or recharge shops. You can pay online and get full benefits. Both airtel store and customer care will lie about it. Last month i ported to their network and yesterday i...
  2. Deb_1

    BSNL all unlimited @429/- pan India recently launched

    1GB/day unlimited call any network! any one recharged with this pack in west bengal circle?
  3. husaintaherali

    BSNL 3g Truly unlimted plan Enquiry

    Hi, guys. I just found out about bsnl 3g 1099 offer. Is it truly unlimited? And whats the lowest and highest download speed(divided by 8,of course) u getting? I live in pune (Maharashtra) and burhanpur (Madhya pradesh). Will i be able to get this 1099 unlimited plan in both places? I also...
  4. Robin Puri

    BSNL 3G with D-link 2750U

    Hello guys, So I am having issues with using BSNL 3G with D-link 3g dongle+ D-link DSL 2750u ADSL Wifi router. The D-link dongle works if I use it directly on my laptop but I am unable to connect to 3g when I use it in D-link DSL 2750u in order to set up a Wifi connection through the dongle...
  5. V

    What is a mobile balance (pre paid mobile BSNL)?

    A basic question: what exactly is a mobile balance. I got a pre-paid mobile connection recently. I paid Rs:87 to extend my validity (BSNL APOORVA scheme) it was expiring in 8/11/2016 but it's been extended till 2017. However the amount did not credit to my balance. I called up BSNL support -...
  6. Sushubh

    Airtel 3G would soon give 4G like speeds

    I think airtel is confused. Their 4G gives 3G like speeds.
  7. SVK

    Data Packs can have 1 year validity as per Indian TRAI

    Soon, You'll Be Able to Buy Mobile Data Packs With 1-Year Validity | NDTV Gadgets360.com Was this rule only for mobile connections having data pack? because I had Tata Photon Plus which I always recharged with 6 months/180 days pack.
  8. SVK

    No More 2G Smartphones from Samsung Micromax Intex

    Samsung, Micromax planning to discontinue 2G phones - Times of India Why were they even producing "2G only" Smartphones till 2015. They should have stopped it 2-3 years ago.
  9. Jasmee

    General question about 3g and Cdma rev A network

    I am presently using reliance 3g and it gives me a speed of 4 - 12 ( even more ) Mbps . So , I am pretty happy with it . But Now I have an extra datacard , so If I get another 3g reliance sim and I bridge these connection , will I get double the speed i.e. is 8 - 24 mbps or speed will be halved...
  10. Raju ram din

    Reliance 3G Prepaid has some amazing offers for data plans

    So i bought new prepaid connection loaded with 6 gb of 3g data (2+2+2) for first 90 days. I paid rs 290 and speeds averages around 2.7 mbps downstream and 1.3mbps upstream. I bet you cannot find 3g chepaer than this.... 96 rs per month ....i remeber i use to pay 98 rs for 2g data few years...
  11. Chirag Bansal

    Reliance GSM Orissa - Same plan for two rates?

    Came across this while browsing Reliance's plans in Orissa. Can anyone provide some information regarding the FUP or validity? Source
  12. K

    Issue connecting Vodafone USB Stick Modem with Macbook Pro

    I have a Macbook Pro, Yosemite 10.10.4 and i'm facing an issue connecting my Vodafone 3G USB stick modem model no. K4201, ZTE Corporation. I was able to install the software for mac and the dialer is also loading with USB stick connect to macbook pro. The connect button seem to be disabled and...