1. SVK

    Aircel planning to close operations in 6 Circles

    Aircel plans to halt services in six loss-making circles - ET Telecom 1 more bites the dust?
  2. Faisal144

    Need advice on cheapest 2G long validity plan.. Thanks!!

    Hi all.. Which is the cheapest long validity 2G mobile prepaid in Hyderabad? Basically my mobile usage is limited to calls and SMS.. Currently I am on BSNL Nestham Plan which gives 60 SMS free per month and 1.4 paise/sec call tarriff.. The Beauty of the plan is that it gives 6 months...
  3. Sushubh

    Reliance Jio getting undue favors from Indian Government?

    Reliance Jio, BSNL in intra-circle roaming pact for 2G, 4G
  4. SVK

    No More 2G Smartphones from Samsung Micromax Intex

    Samsung, Micromax planning to discontinue 2G phones - Times of India Why were they even producing "2G only" Smartphones till 2015. They should have stopped it 2-3 years ago.