Why Mtnl Sucks


1] Caus its a govt venture and it has the worst of the worst customer support(only until 8 is the support even available)2] Caus its unlimited plan costs Rs.1399(without the router,and thousands of hidden costs),whereas its sister company BSNL provides the same at 990(C'mon synchronize)3] Caus even if you are willing to pay the 1399 (which is my case as airtel wont come into my area),you cant if you are already a subscriber and you cant even switch if some they get some better plan or if you want to downgrade"Subscribers who will register the Broadband connection under TriB Invitation Plan(New subscriber) will not be permitted to switchover to other plans at later stage and the existing subscriber in other plans will also not be permitted to switchover to TriB Invitation Plan."Does that even make sense. I mean why do i have to unregister(if that can be done) and then register again to change my friggin plan other than maybe paying that setup costs again and again.Screw you mtnl and while i'm at it screw trai as well . Nice work there. Trying to develop the country by defining BROADBAND (* laughs *) as >256kbps but forgetting to do anything about data caps.What good is broadband if its limited to 256 kbps. If i wanted to just check my email wouldnt i hav just stuck to dialup.As for the "always on" thing bout indian broadband, if I leave my damn router always on it keeps sending love messages to the mtnl server (joking about how its owner got fragged due to the lag in this "broadband" connection) and eating up my limit


Chewer of Gum
You're a very angry dude.... chill ... all of us are waiting for the unlimited option which will surface sooner or later.


dude chill nuttin is perfecteven tough mtnl has some flaws it is goood


YO chill out dude ,SIFY SUCKS .MTNL rocks.It's 100% online or minimum down.It's a dsl always on.My office has MTNL DSL plan and my home hassify.

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