Where to find 'Always on LAN' like setting in Sterlite SmartAX MT882 modem?

Kumar Kush

Hi all

I have recently purchased an Asus RT-N10+ WiFi router to connect with the Sterlite SmartAX MT882 modem provided by BSNL. My motive is, as you might expect, to use Internet on multiple devices (laptops and mobile phones) through WiFi. I got both, the modem as well as router configured. But I cannot connect to Internet via the router, which is in-turn connected to the modem via a LAN cable. I get an error 651.

If I connect the modem directly with laptop, I can use Internet. On laptop, I have to press connect button to connect to Internet, as username and password have been stored on the laptop. I can individually open settings page for both modem and router.

As per the person who did the configuration, the only setting that is remaining is 'Always on LAN' sort of thing, like in D-Link modem, which makes modem connect to Internet as soon it detects LAN. We did have a look at all the settings of the modem, but could not find it. We have stored the username and password that I use to connect to Internet stored in the modem.

Where can I find the desired setting?

Thanks in advance


Nomenclature: when u dial to connect, you're in bridge mode. When the modem/router dials to connect it is called PPPoe mode.I'm guessing you already configured your modem on PPPoe, great 90% of your work is done. 1. Just set the router on dynamic IP mode and your set.2. Before that please check this. Connect to your modem directly and check if internet works without dialling. If yes proceed as guided. If not set your modem on PPPoe again (under wan settings) redo step 2.

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