SOUNDCLOUD / COMPLEX - Cannot view these websites! - PLZ HELP!!!


Hey guys,

I am a musician and I upload a lot of my music on this website - SoundCloud - Share Your Sounds
This helps me to get my music out there to people and also I research other artists on this website. I use it heavily and I am a premium member of this website.

Now everything was working smoothly until a week ago, I couldnt view the website in its normal colorful flash based form. It started opening in a text only html format with all the text being clustered towards the left of the screen. No pictures, no colors, nothing. This is strange because I have been using this website everyday for a year on the Airtel broadband and it used to work fine.

I thought it was a flash problem and on checking I found out that my adobe flash player is up to date. Then I cleared the cache and cookies and still faced the same problem. Another website Complex | Style, Music, Sneakers, Entertainment, Girls, Technology gave me the similar problem. I use chrome as my browser so I tried Safari. Same problem there. I am a MAC user btw. Then I downloaded firefox and the same problem there.

Called my friends and the website was working fine for them. Called up a friend who was using Airtel broadband but in a different area and it was working fine for him too.

In my office which is in the same vicinity where I stay, we have 3 different broadband connections. VSNL, Tata Docomo dongle and Airtel broadband. Also the computers are windows based desktop PCs. I faced the same problem with the one connected to the airtel broadband. On the other PCs which had Tata docomo dongle and the VSNL, it worked fine. Both the sites worked perfect. This makes it clear that it is a problem from Airtel Broadband side.

I spoke to the Customer Care Technical executive and he made me do a series of CMD ping tests and mentioned that everything is good from their side. Then he asked me to type a command which opened the 'servers' window (on the desktop at home) and made me stop DNS and some other setting and restart it. Then asked me to check if the website was working on Internet Explorer. It opened for a second in its normal format but still unclear and then he asked me to try it in the other browser (firefox). The problem still persisted in Firefox. Then he said that from their side everything is fine and I just need to re-install firefox or any other browser I am currently using and I wont face this problem.

Unfortunately, I did that on my mac and on my PC and still face the problem. I really need a solution for this as this is affecting my work. Soundcloud is a very important site for me and I atleast have 5 tabs of it open all the time. I need this to get sorted and I know I just need to make certain changes in the settings and refresh some settings in my broadband. I dont want to switch from Airtel as I am very satisfied with their service. I would greatly appreciate if someone out here could guide me and advice on how to tackle this problem and provide with a foolproof solution.

Feel free to ask me any more questions you need. I use the Mac a lot and I need it to work fine on the mac more than the windows desktop as that is used by my mother and not me.

Looking forward to your help. Thanks a lot in advance.




This is a problem with Airtel's DNS servers. Set your computer to use Google's DNS servers, i.e. and


Thank you for the reply! Problem solved !

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