Sharad Pawar Slapper May Now Target Kapil Sibal, Intelligence Bureau Issues Alert


The Bastard Son
NEW DELHI: This 27-year-old man has strange goals in life. After slapping two high-profile politicians last year, Rohini boy Harvinder Singh is now planning to slap a third minister, in the name of increasing corruption and price rise. Times of India has learnt that Intelligence Bureau has issued a general alert that Harvinder Singh, who had slapped former telecom minister Sukhram and Union minister Sharad Pawar within a span of five days in November 2011, might slap Human Resource and Development (HRD) minister Kapil Sibal at a public function.

Sources say that he might be backed by some organisation to do the same. Following the alert, sources said, a team of IB officials also visited Harvinder Singh on Wednesday at his residence and spoke to him about his plan.

Talking to Times of India over phone on Wednesday, Harvinder Singh said, "Yes, I want to slap Kapil Sibal. I am waiting for an opportunity". He also confirmed that IB officials met him on Wednesday.

IB has reportedly informed Delhi Police about the alert and has asked the police to take precautions. However, sources said that IB alert is general in nature and only concerned units have been verbally informed that Kapil Sibal might be slapped by Arvinder Singh. Following the alert, the New Delhi Police and other units of police is keeping a close watch on movements of Harvinder Singh. Subsequently, Kapil Sibal's programs are being kept secret because Singh follows the news to know about the movements of the minister, said source.

A senior Delhi Police officer claimed that "He (Singh) is mentally unstable and keeps on making such claims but we won't take any chances".

In 2011, on November 23, Harvinder Singh first slapped and kicked ex-telecom minister Sukhram at a Delhi court just after latter was sentenced to five years imprisonment in connection with the corruption case dating back to 1996. The incident had invited lot of media attention. On November 23, 2011, Singh slapped Sharad Pawar at the NDMC centre, while the minister was leaving the premises.

Harvinder Singh had been detained by police and jailed overnight after the incident and investigators had found that he was not mentally unfit. Singh was even moved to Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences (IHBAS) in Shahdara. Investigators had also tried to find out whether any group was behind his acts because there were reports that he takes money for these things but nothing concrete has been established yet.

After the previous two attacks by Singh, he had claimed in an interview to Times of India earlier this year that he was kidnapped and beaten up by goons on several occasions.

Sharad Pawar slapper may now target Kapil Sibal, IB issues alert - The Times of India

A team from our country's intelligence bureau is given a job to track a man who slapped shard pawar. Can you believe this sh#t?

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