Router Connectivity

Hi All,Recently I have taken Sify BB Connection. As Usual They Have my Machine ID to Connect thru Dialer.I have a D-Link DI-524C Wireless Router. along with Two Wi-Fi Laptops. One my Laptops's is Registered with Sify.I have Cloned my Router's WAN MAC to My Lap's MAC Along with All the IP Settings.I Have plugged my CAT5 into WAN Port.Now When I tried to Establish Connectivity It says N/W Cable NOt Connected Error. Soemtimes Even that is Not Coming????I have established the Cnnectivity between my Lap and Router.What do I need to do at this Point? Also How Can I have A Shared Connection with my Another Laptop. :(

Delhi -NCR
I cannot answer the first part of your question, you have to contact the Sify Cus. Care for it.

You can have your Internet connected from as many PCs as you want. The only problem is your MAC id which is registered with your account, If you want to bypass the MAC ID, I suggest you to Use an alternate client for Sify i.e SuperSify.

You can get it from

Its free!


vmsenthilkumar, firstly, call up Sify CC and give them the MAC of your router. If that works then you should be able to login without any problem.Secondly, how much did you pay for the Dlink Wifi router (DI-524C) ? I wanna buy one :)