Pathetic connectivity and customer care team ,


Pathetic connectivity and customer care team , Just dont get trapped for the sake of saving few bucks and go for some reputed and nice broadband service providers like Airtel , Tata , reliance etc ... and never sign the spectranet documents without reading... Spectranet is just pathetic in one word I faced problem from the first day I got the connection but I waited for a month by a though they would be improved and after 2 months I got fed up from them and request for refund my money but by mistake I got recharged online for the month of July 2012 from spectranet site and it didnt worked for even a single say , they just removed roof instrument without our knowledge and its been mote than a month I request them to refund my money , and instead of refund my money they just send me Legal notice to return there Instruments ...... Spectranet is just a mental Harassment company guys Beware from them

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