MTU issue or modem?


Its been a around 2 months that I've changed to the UL 900 plan which is supposed to give me 4 Mbps till 8 GB and 512 Kbps after.Sadly, lots of websites like yahoo mail, facebook, irctc (at times) etc. aren't opening. After looking up the web, I thought it was an MTU issue, but no conventional MTU sizes would solve my problem (I tried from 1492 to 1422).I'm using a BSNL rented modem (WA30012-g1 Type II), and am thinking that maybe it is because of the modem, which I've been using for around 8-9 years maybe.Now, even if I get a new modem, they don't have the necessary port to insert the WAN wire which goes from my ADSL splitter to my current modem (It has smaller ends compared to a regular RJ 45 LAN wire).So, my questions are:1. How to solve my problem, without changing modems2. If I have to change modems, then how do I solve the problem of the smaller RJ 11 connector Any help, will be much appreciated.Thanks :)

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