MTNL Broadband: Online game lags with new D-Link DSL 2520U router. Please help.


I bought a new D-Link DSL 2520U router just 3 days ago.
When i play FIFA 12 online on EA servers using this router, it lags during the matches.
I have forwarded the ports needed to play the game online.
I've also noticed this router gives higher ping.
Pingtest result :

Also in the Packet Loss test, for the 250 packets sent, 249 packets are received i.e 1 packet is lost in almost every pingtest that i perform.

Speedtest result :

However the Internet works ok with it and connectivity is stable.
But lag-free online gaming is what i want from this router.
So is this new router faulty? Should i get it RMA'd?

On the other hand :
When I connect my old D-Link DSL 502T, the game doesn't lag.
Even the pingtest result was A with no packet loss, very low ping (13 ms) and jitter (1 ms) to Mumbai server.

PLEASE give some suggestions/opinions.

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