MTNL broadband ''DSL_Unlimited_999'' plan help

I have an MTNL broadband connection in Mumbai. Plan Name: Unlimited 999 DSL .

up-to 1 Mbps upto 1.13 Mbps---Download speed during day time (8AM to 6PM)

up-to 1.344 Mbps-----Download Speed in Night (6PM to 8AM)

this is a typical speed/ping during the afternoon time (no downloads,)
how should i now get back my speed.
i'm getting frustrated now
YouTube takes ages to stream

I am a heavy downloader
Can any one please suggest me a good plan with more speed
i have reviewed the '' Xpress Combo Unlimited 1000 '' plan but 22 GB is too less i'll finish it within 2 or 3 days and there is no point of having 98kbps speed for 28days as with my current plan i'm able to download at around 140-kbps at night

pleasse help

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