Mobile Companies would not delete your Aadhaar KYC data unless you apply for removal with fresh KYC process


detailed bullshit here:
Thread by @UIDAI: "The Department of Telecommunications @DoT_India and Unique Identification Authority of India in a today clarified that […]" #JointPressStatement

What the apex Court has asked that UIDAI should not keep authentication log for more than 6 months. The restriction of not keeping authentication log beyond six months is on the UIDAI and not on the telecom companies. 5/n
Therefore, there is no need for telecom companies or AUAs/KUAs to delete authentication logs at their end. They are in fact required to keep Authentication logs at their end as per Aadhaar regulations to resolves any consumer grievances. 6/n
Further, in the light of the SC verdict if anybody wishes to get her/his Aadhaar eKYC replaced by the fresh KYC, s/he may request the service provider for delinking of her/his Aadhaar by submitting fresh OVDs as per earlier DOT Circulars on mobile KYC. 7/n
The statement said that in fact the Department of Telecom and UIDAI are in a process to bring out a completely hassle-free and digital process for issuing new SIM cards through a mobile App which will be fully compliant of the Supreme Court judgement in Aadhaar Case. 9/n
In the proposed process, live photograph of the person with latitude, longitude, and time stamp will be captured. The photo of her ID such as Aadhaar card, voter ID, etc., will be captured. 10/n
The SIM card agent will be authenticated through OTP and SIM card will be issued. This process will be completely hassle-free and digital. 11/11


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while taking kyc, these bastards were eager to visit home and take fingerprints. But Im guessing for deregistering, they tell you that you need to visit their mobile stores personally


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They will still come to you if you tell them that you will port out and ready to do KYC with new operator instead.