Is Airtel broadband in Bangalore good for gaming online?

Hi guys, I am planning to change from BSNL to any other ISP since i get very high pings for online gaming in my BSNL connection!.So if airtel is avialable in my area, if i get a connection of 16 or 20mbps, will the ping to European servers be atleast around 150-170 ms?? Ping is the main criteria for me, download limit i dont care unless its more than 30gb per month cos i dont download more than that anyway!And also is Reliance wireline conn good for the same purpose ? Specifically in Bangalore?Thanks, :)Rakshith Anand


airtel pings are better to game servers in south asia. reliance pings are not good

I agree that this is true in most cases but my friends got better pings on fiber based providers like 'ACT Broadband' etc, check for availability of any fiber optic based ISP before you try Airtel

In my case, surprisingly i get better latency on my Tikona connection when compared to my friends Airtel Connection to most servers inside & out of India
*but this is also because the base station for tikona is installed on my buildings terrace & i get wired connection directly from the switch(not the regular wireless router thing)

my current latency to Bangalore server is usually

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