How to improve the range of Huawei ONT Modem?


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Yeah firesticks don't have any ethernet port, also my family spends most of their time downstairs and their phones got disconnected a lot today. Can I place the TP link router downstairs, run an ethernet cable from the ONT to the modem and have internet that way? In this way, the 2nd floor can still have 5Ghz 100mbps connection(for my laptop), whereas downstairs we can have 40mbps or so which is good enough for youtube/firestick for everyone else.
Yes, if you have an option to run an ethernet cable downstairs that would be the best option, and ensure you connect the cable from the primary router to one of the LAN ports and not the WAN port (in case of your TP-Link, there is no WAN port so its alright)


^ In addition to the above, do ensure you disable the DHCP server on the TP-Link.

Also, assign the TP-Link an IP address in the same subnet as that of your primary Huawei device so that you can continue to manage both the devices.

Say Huawei is, then maybe put for TP-Link and ensure the DHCP server's IP pool range excludes (in this case)

I tried to change the default gateway/IP address of the TP Link router as (the Huawei has but the problem is after changing it, I can no longer open the config page of the router. Both and give me error and nothing opens up, until I reset my router back to factory settings. Any idea what can I do? I even changed my ethernet adapter properties and added the IP addresses and the gateaway in the IPv4 settings but to no avail. Tried with DHCP disabled as well, same error. If you have any clue please do reply. Thank you


Once again I will suggest you to stick to the plan I suggested.
It is good that you know the IP address of the secondary router to access the admin page but first it is important to see if it is working.
There are other ways to know the ip address of your secondary router and login.

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