HIGH PING in Wa3002G1!!!


Guys I am using Bsnl Utstarcom Wa3002g1 modem with a 1000 Rs/month plan (10 Gb download @ 2mbps and after that 256 kbps). I play online games a lot .. like battlefield 3. I am gettting High ping in indian and foreign servers (200-400). I sometimes get around 190 or so , but its the same laggy result all the time ,even when i have 2mbps download speed . Some guys told me to change the modem and others told me to change the package to 1500 per month or so . Is there a way i can get low ping in servers .......... I dont care about the 10 gb download or anything . All i need is low ping and smooth gameplay .I am a newbie when it comes to configuration and modem stuffs ......... Help me out please .I live at Kesavadasapuram,Trivandrum,Kerala.Thanks in advance:confused: