[Guide]WiFi Connectivity for any USB Modem With any Simple WiFi Modem


Saw Alot of People on Many Forums askingfor this thing...So here's an Easy Guide.Requirements:Windows 7USB Modem with Internet ConectivityWiFi Modem (I have TP-Link W740 Rs.1100)Ethernet Porn and Ethernet CableAnd ofCourse a BrainTutorial:Step 1: Connect to Internet Via USB DongleStep 2: Insert one Side of Ethernet Cableinto Computer's Ethernet PortStep 3: Insert Second Side of Cable intoWiFi Modem's "WAN" Port or Input PortStep 4: Download Connectify (SearchGoogle)Step 5: Purchase Pro Licence of Connectify(Some free Tricks are Also Available on Net,Just Google)Step 6: Open Connectify and Select YourActive Internet Connection, Then SelectSharing Over: Ethernet, Tick the IntetnetSharing and Click on Start Hotspot(Once Configured It will auto Start nexttime)Wait for Connectiffy to Detect Your WiFiModemAnd You Are Done!!In Case if You Want to Change Config ofWiFi Modem just remove ethernet fromWAN and insert in Output port of WiFiModemThen Open in Browser (This Urland Authentication method will beMentioned with your WiFi Modem Manual)After You change your WiFi Password etcagain insert cable in WAN Port and StartHotspot.Limitations: Your PC must be On when You want to Use WiFi.For Laptop Users Having Inbuilt WiFi JustDownload and Use Connectiffy