Free 1 Year Amazon Prime Subscription with select Broadband Plans


Amazon Prime Video Offer

Offer Eligibility
The Amazon Prime Video offer is extended to the Airtel broadband and postpaid customers based on their bill plan eligibility. The eligible bill plans may be changed as per company discretion without any notice to the customer. Customer should contact Airtel customer care or write to to know about all the eligible bill plans. If customer qualifies as both Airtel Postpaid and Airtel Broadband customer for this offer, customer will be treated for any one of them/either on availing the offer. Customer can only avail this offer once from an eligible mobile number in case of postpaid or registered number in case of broadband as the case may be.

Offer Activation
To avail Amazon Prime offer, customer has to activate it from Airtel TV app. Customer can either visit the Plans Available page of the app and subscribe to the offer or tap on the Amazon Prime Video Offer card shown on the Featured page of the app along with other contents. Customer will be have to sign in or sign up on the Amazon account to avail the offer. The offer is activated after taking dual consent as mandated by the regulatory authority. Customer will also be informed about the auto-renewal of the offer while taking the second consent.

Offer Benefits
Amazon Prime offer gives customer Prime membership for one year to be auto-renewed (basis consent) for Android customers after one year . With Prime membership, you get access to all the content on Amazon Prime Video application. Customer can watch the content on all the means which are compatible with Amazon Prime Videos app.

Benefits with Amazon Prime Membership
Amazon Prime Offer on Airtel TV app provides customer all the benefits similar to the usual Amazon Prime Membership.

Offer Renewal
Android User:
Amazon Offer on Airtel TV provides customer with one year of Amazon Prime Membership. During one year, if you unsubscribe, your membership will end after one year and will not be auto renewed. In this case you will not be charged anything. If customer wishes to continue and does not unsubscribe, customer will be charged Rs 999/year for renewal of Prime membership. Customer will be notified via SMS at the time of activation and at the time of renewal of offer.

iOS User:
Amazon Offer on Airtel TV provides customer with one year of Amazon Prime Membership. Customer’s membership will not auto-renew after one year and hence customer will not be charged anything. Customer will be notified via SMS at the time of activation of offer.

Offer Deactivation
Customer may deactivate Amazon Prime Offer any time by visiting Active Packs page of the Airtel TV app and choosing to unsubscribe. Customer can also unsubscribe by writing to us on or by calling customer care 121. Please note that customer will not be able to deactivate the offer by adjusting customers membership settings on <manage your Prime membership section in your account page on Amazon>. After deactivation, Customer’s Prime membership will be cancelled after the 12 months of offer period. If customer deactivates during the first year of offer, Customer’s Amazon Prime membership will not auto-renew after the end of 12 months and customer will not be charged for the same. If customer deactivates during the second or subsequent year, the fee already paid will not be refunded either fully or pro-rated. Your membership will remain active till the end of year, however the same will not be auto renew.

Bill Plan Change
The Amazon Prime Offer is on the basis of Postpaid/Broadband bill plan of customer. Therefore, if customer downgrades bill plan to a non-eligible one, the offer will be revoked immediately. Your Prime membership will also expire with immediate effect and will not last till the end of original offer period. However, changing the current eligible bill plan to another eligible one will have no effect on the offer.

Navjot Singh

Looks like I am eligible for the offer but it says nothing about how existing Prime members can avail the offer or will it even work for them?


Airtel is Offering Free Amazon Prime Subscription to Its Users, Here's How You Can Claim It | NDTV

How to claim Airtel's free Amazon Prime subscription offer
To claim the offer, the eligible subscribers need to download the Airtel TV app from App Store or Play Store and login using the registered mobile number
Once logged in, scroll down and you will see a banner of Amazon Prime
Tap on the banner and a dialogue box will appear, with details of the Prime service. Tap on Activate Now
Now you will be required to key in your Amazon account credentials
Once the credentials are verified, your free 365-day Amazon Prime subscription will start, and you will be informed of the same via SMS and email
The offer is only till December.
You cannot use it if you are already on Prime.
You can enroll if you are on the trial period.
Check the article for more details on plan requirements for customers.

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"Membership Info
Your Prime membership is activated through your Airtel plan* for 12 months starting on July 14, 2018. You can make changes to your Prime membership through the Airtel TV app"

My FREE membership started on Jan 14 2018

Is the offer extended?