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West Delhi
Hi Guys,

I recently subscribed to Excitel Broadband. I am sharing my thoughts about this fairly new ISP in Delhi and NCR.

Important stuff first

Online payment option is not available, although the monthly recharge amount will be collected from doorstep like we pay for Newspaper :) .

This is the only the major negative point about this service.

Speed Tests

Youtube Streaming -Excite claims Download speeds of 20 Mbps for Youtube Streaming

Speed Test.net - I am using INR 649 + 14.5% tax Plan (4 Mbps with no FUP limit)

Note - Download speeds remain stable throughout the day, its a broadband connection and it behaves like one.

Here is the detailed review about what I have experienced as a customer during two weeks of usage!!

Subscribing for new connection:

This step was easy I get to know about excitel broadband broadband from a pamphlet. Contact number of Sales Representative was there.

I applied for new connection on 29-Aug-2015, Sunday simply by dropping an email to the guy. I did this just to get glimpse of how serious these guys are for reaching out to probable customers.

The sales representative get back to me via call on very same day.

What was required for subscription:
1) Address Proof, I submitted Voter ID
2) One photograph
3) Payment for first month subscription , only prepaid service is being provided till now. There are no registration charges.

Activation of Broadband Connection
My broadband got activated on next day. i.e. on 30-Aug-2015, Monday. This part really impressed me as I can never forget how long the MTNL guys took to activate my broadband service. Anyone who got MTNL broadband few years back know this situation very well ;).

Service is being provided through Standard Copper LAN Wire which can be connected either to Desktop LAN port or to any Standard Wifi Router. Any number of devices can be connected via Wifi router. There is no restriction from the excitel.
In router a excitel provided userid and password required to be entered.

Most crucial moment! How Stable the connection is? Is it worth it?
For first two to three days I faced the issues of frequent disconnection. My connection was getting disconnected once or twice in every two hours.

On 2-Sep - 2015 The broadband was completly down and I was feeling like yes INR 740 can fetch me only this kind of service. This was a down moment for me.

When I called their customer care they told me there is some issue in fiber cable and every thing will be fine til 6 PM on same day.

My connection was back to life at around 7 PM. After this downtime there was not any interruption in service till today. (For 9 days).

Continuation of usage
While using this excitel broadband now for almost two weeks I feel that Its become lot more stable.
Frequency of disconnection is drastically reduced and I have not faced single downtime during this week.
Today is Saturday and for whole day broadband works perfectly well without any disconnection.

Some information about Customer Care
Fairly good, I always received satisfactory reply from them.
There are two level of support, as a customer we can call local team or we can reach excitel directly via ther customer care number.

The customer care number is not toll free though.

Please leave me a message is you require any other information that I have not covered in my review.

Disclaimer : I do not work for excitel broadband. I wrote this rewiew just to spread a correct word about a new ISP in Delhi.
hello, i too am looking to get excitel, i would like to know where exactly are you located in delhi? As in your locality


Not just Internet.
New Delhi
Using excitel here for last 2 months.
To get youtube or peering speed select excitel delhi server in speed test.

Like this

Though I feel they have reduced peering upload speed from 20mbps to 10mbps after recent upgrade.

Also speed doubles to 8mbps up and down from 1-2am(not fixed) till 10am.
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shahrukh jack

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its being more than 10 days my problem didnt resolved. they are not providing me any support. do not use their services. its a scam company.

Tushar Suryavanshi

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I also live in jeewan park. I registered for their service from their website, but do not recieved any call till now. Can you tell me what should I do..


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Worst Internet Service - They Matched Themselves with MTNL Standards.

I live in Hari Nagar (West Delhi). To be honest, the service is extremely pathetic and un-reliable. I need 24*7 connectivity as I often work from home, which I openly conveyed the Excitel connection distributor. Despite that, the connection bumps off every now and then. Moreover, it stays un-available for 4-5 hours most of the times.

If you call the support number provided, most of the times you hear "The network is busy" and if at all it dials, they tell you that service will be restored in 4 hours, which I believe they know. If you ask to send someone, no-one turns up to help you.

The most frustrating thing (which is very common in our country - lack of "Fair Trade") is that before you make the payment they'll speak to you like you're the BOSS and they're all here to serve you, however, the way of speaking and dealing changes completely afterwards. I felt as if they're financer and I owe them money.

I won't recommend the service to people who are serious about their business/profession and depend on Internet for that. For kids and college going guys, who need a cheap service irrespective of the fact whether it's available or not when you need it most, you can take your chance.

What's the use of high speed internet link when it stays down most of the times.

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Google Fiber Calling :)
@write2tsm I will be using excitel soon as my secondary connection as I have heard a lot about them and I trust @igloo . Let's see how it works for me. I am currently using Nextra and despite so many negative reviews online, personally I never faced much problem in past 18 months though minor hiccups happened 3 or 4 times and I think its acceptable in 18 months

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