Dishtv Enables Netbanking payment as well as Debit Card Payment


Probably one of the biggest hurdles I faced in Dishtv was in renewing my account. As u know dth is used by a lot of people in rural areas where Cable tv is not accessible. Sometimes the vendors dont have ITZ cards, at other times they charge a commission for making the payment. now netbanking and debit card payments are accepted. i just tested it yesterday and it works fine. SBI debit card (ATM also) is accepted and it renews in minutes. Tatasky has been providing this for a long time. its funny that dishtv doesnt publicise important facilities. now u can just log on to your internet and make the payment. i'm sure that even in rual areas internet access is enabled now a days. This is a good move from dishtv. now only if they would add the neo package......


zee dish tv sucks when it comes to payments.the backend is so messed up that they keep on charging me for 2 connections when i am required to pay for one.i paid through icici net banking. took them 3 days to realize that i made the payment. and now they disconnected me just after one month (i had paid for three months) claiming that some of the money was reverted back to my account due to some technical fault. i checked my icici account and no money was refunded from the dish tv account.bunch of jokers they are.

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