Confusion regarding package....Please help


I want to subscribe for the magnum HD Pack(RS 580/month-where u get all the channels including HD channels) on a long term basis.I m planning to subscribe it for a duration of 6 months.Now the problem is::1)airtel customer service says that i will get 30 days free if i subscribe for 6 months2)The customer login portal says that i will only get 20 days free and NOT 30 days3)Customer service says that i CANNOT subscribe for the Magnum HD pack for 6 months or for 1 year,only monthly subscription is possible4)the customer login portal says IT IS possible to subscribe for 6 months or 1 year as the option is available while changing packages.5)The customer service is not aware that the option of 6 months and 1 year is given to customers through their login portals.Now whom should i believe..i dont wont to subscribe for magnum HD for 6 months if i m not getting 30 days extra,i would look for some other package...but Magnum HD looks as a good option.Also airtel is know for their pathetic customer i dont want to take any risk.Can some one help me out on this?..has someone activated the magnum HD pack thru website? ..Can somebody tell me if i will get 30 days free or 20 days free if subscribed for 6 months?Thanks in advance


Well AFAIK you get 30 days free on a 6 month subscription and 45 days free on a 12 month subscription. (CC explained as I just activated the Magnum HD myself). It makes sense to do the 6 month recharge twice and 60 days free. You'd have to go recharge 3480 (or more if you need spare change for pay per view). Then call CC and tell them that you'd like to subscribe to the 6 month package. And then unlike the daily deduction of 19.07 for the normal Magnum HD subscription the entire 3480 would be deducted upfront and you will get a 7 month validity period. If you just recharge for 3480 and let it be, then the normal daily deduction will go on and your account will exhaust in 6 months.PS: no clue regarding the discrepancy on the online portal. Maybe there are different offers for online and offline recharge. Its known to happen.

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