BSNL broadbad frequent disconnection


This is a problem i usually have but now it has become very regular and annoying. The connction frequently drops or for a whole day I dont get a connection. Initially I had an old Utstarcom modem. Thinking it was the modem's problem, i switched over to a Netgear DGN 1000 modem. The problem continues... at times I have a good connection but other times it is frustrating.. These are the values:ADSL Link - Downstream - UpstreamConnection Speed- 2000 Kbps - 838 KbpsLine Attenuation- 13.1 dB - 0.0 dBNoise Margin- 35.1 dB - 0.0 dBAny help would be appreciated....

Mat Flin

1) Pick up the phone , press any one digit once and listen ... if there static or noise ... u have problem in wiring

2) How many parallel telephones do u have in ur house -- Disconnect all and then check

3)Check ur wiring ... if u find any open end ... tape them.

i recently changed my internal wiring...replace it with CAT5 cable ... here is the result

if still there problem ...feel free to ask